The Happy Beginner


I am a happy beginner. I used to love the start of a school year, labelling my pencils, covering my books with contact, a clean school bag, a fresh start. I enjoy my new diary at the start of a year when my first entries are lovely and neat as if that’s how I always do things.

So here I am beginning a blog and I lay awake the other night wondering what on earth I am  going to write about until I came up with this idea. I am going to write about beginning.

Beginning started for me with an idea, a moment of inspiration and some intention mixed with a little bit of doubt, fear ,questioning and decision making. Then followed by some action and some more action and suddenly here I am.  I do feel a little bit like I am walking into a classroom where I don’t know anyone, looking around for a friendly face with a vacant seat next to them.

Fortunately for me, I am walking in and seeing some of my new blogging buddies who I met during the Inspiration Information course with Pip Lincolne, and some classmates from the Blog with Pip course ( ) and YAY my favourite teacher Pip!

I’ve been on a HUGE learning curve this week( I think my family are missing me a little bit) and I feel like this blog and the tools I’m learning are my new pencils and exercise books.  I’m thinking lots about what I want this blog to be, future posts, who my readers may be etc.(doing my homework on time and enthusiastically). I am even brewing up my next post already… and I’m having fun….Yippee

Thanks for reading,



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