Give yourself a gold star



It occurred to me the other day how much we( maybe not everyone?) thrive on encouragement and then later I was reading something someone posted about treating yourself like you would a small child ie. be nice to yourself. Somehow my brain linked those two together and I came up with the idea “give yourself a gold sticker”. Then at work, a client was getting some praise about how well she was doing and I said ” gold sticker for you then” and she looked quite chuffed and said it had been a long time since someone gave her a gold sticker.

So today as I grapple with my never ending to do list, the juggle of my time to do my bloggy homework, something creative, some domestic stuff, exercise, shop etc. I am going to take a moment to give myself a little gold star. For trying to get the balance, for learning new things, for writing this post and because I do thrive on encouragement.

How about you, would a little gold star put some extra sparkle in your day?

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