A little green

This is my little green collage that I did after an invitation to join the collage club from one of my Inspiration Information classmates. Thanks Karen 🙂 I did some collages during the course and found them to be quite fun to do.

I have to say, I really enjoyed this so much! It was great to have a little sketch, then pull out my fabrics and choose some, there was this lovely light hearted feeling that if it didn’t work out that would be ok, I would just have had fun. I googled sewing with paper and chose my little retro Bernina for the job.

When it was finished I stood back and looked at it and decided that I do like it, it’s cute, it’s little , it reminds me of me and my creative journey at the moment. Starting out, playing, using materials I like and my sewing machine too, oh and as a bonus  it’s finished (unlike a few big projects I have started)…. Yay!

ps. If you want to see the other collages for this month head over here:


pps I must give my eldest daughter credit for the brown paper idea. Thanks S.


12 thoughts on “A little green

  1. I love this Emily!! That’s the great thing about projects like this .. they are so quick yet you can create something really lovely. You must find a special place in your home for it. xx


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