Photo safari

This weekend’s assignment on my Blog with Pip course was a photo safari, here are my photos and my story.


So we set out for our morning walk, but something was different, I had my phone camera in my pocket and my photo safari assignment on my mind. Something that wasn’t different was that our dog Heidi was with us, that’s her paw prints on a previously pristine spot of beach. She came to see what I was so interested in. Had to laugh!

Doing the photo safari amplified my “looking”. I just kept seeing image after image. Walking on the beach in winter is one of my very favourite things to do and partly because it is such a feast for my eyes, so much inspiration.

The ocean leaves different scapes, sculptures and treasures on the beach each day. It’s never the same and there are so many lovely shapes and textures. I loved taking the time to stop when something caught my eye.

When we visit the beach I always try and soak it up, try and breathe it all in so that I can remember it, take how I feel home with me. But really, it is about the moment, just being in the moment, and for me the beach does that, it grounds me , brings me into the present and yes my mind will wander off to the future or back to the past but then I see a little seaweed sculpture, or two little birds skittering across the beach or hear the ocean crash and I’m back in the moment , now is just perfect!

Most of my images are just what captured my attention on the sand. I used my new iphone  ( ha ah yes the one I was coveting in the taking stock post) so I’m just getting a feel for it and delighting in that I have a phone that actually takes good photos. Now to work on some photography skills!

Last but not least. These three photos are of my family, actually they are the best thing about weekends at the beach. I love the way we hang out together while we are away. Sometimes we all go for a walk together, sometimes people sleep in or are engrossed in a book or study and that’s great too. We have a different pace, more time for chatting, more time to observe things, more time to play.
beach photo

Things are changing, as they do. People are growing up so fast. I’m just so grateful for all of these moments. I am grateful for right now! xx



24 thoughts on “Photo safari

  1. Ooh, I loved looking at your photos! I love the beach in winter too (almost more than the beach in summer actually!) I also loved, like you, how this assignment gave me a new perspective on everything – as you said the “looking”. A bit of a revelation!


  2. I have not been to the beach in the longest time. This makes me want to go..I am going to Adelaide next week and my family live right next to the beach so I think I will have to go and have a play. 🙂


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