Why I Write

why i write


I’ve been invited by Natasha from my #blogwithpip course to join in this why do you write blog hop thingee. Natasha blogs over at stufffromthesuburbs  and posts about all the most important things- haircuts, how she always knew Thomas from Offspring was no good, the awkwardness of going to a singles night, things  that pops into her head at work when she should be..ahem..working. She also occasionally writes about dealing with depression and anxiety too. She gets told to use her inside voice quite a lot, and can tell you where the good places are to find a good Iced Coffee in Ballarat, where she currently lives .


Anyway  in the spirit of saying yes to new challenges and without much thought or hesitation I said yes. After that I realised I needed to find two volunteers to pass the blog hop on to, and luckily for me Sally and Clare (also in blog with pip) put their hands up. There are five questions for me to answer, so here we go.

Why do you write?

I have started to write because:

During the during the creativity course Inspiration Information one of the many things I realised is that I am not always brave, so when I had the inspired idea of doing the Blog with Pip course and learning more, I decided to sign up, and here I am now writing a  blog post.

I am writing to see what is possible, because it’s another form of creativity, another opportunity to let ideas come and give them some space and encouragement to grow.

I am writing because I have a little voice in my head which can be quite mean and sometimes  tells me that I’m maybe not good enough, or what would I have to offer, or why would you want to do that etc etc… BUT,  I am telling it to SHUT UP  for a while, to be quiet, to butt out and let me just have a go.

I’m writing because I’m finding it interesting seeing how the thoughts and words that rattle around in my head read once they are written down.

I am writing because now that I’ve started,  I’m finding that I actually enjoy it, ha who knew, I enjoy writing!

How does my writing differ from others in it’s genre?

Well I think after 5 posts it’s too early to tell, but it did feel great when one of my daughters said I “sounded” like a blogger!

What am I working on?

Well right now I’m working on this and after this, my next post. It’s actually a huge surprise to me that I am coming up with ideas for posts, just out of the blue.

I am working on more journal writing, and I’ve started reading Stephanie Dowrick’s Creative Journal Writing( which I bought a few years ago, but didn’t make the time to read).

I’m also working on lessons in the fourth week of Blog with Pip, finding time for my new blogging hobby, keeping up with my new online friends, doing creative things and just trying to fit everything in and  find a good balance. Ha Ha, What is balance anyway?

Why do I write what I do?

I’m writing as one of the ways to live a more creative and fulfilling life. So I think at this stage I will write to support that outcome, drawing on my experiences and inspiration. That’s how I’m starting out anyway.

So, now I get to pass this on to two of my classmates who thankfully agreed to take part in this Why I Write blog hop. Firstly I’ll introduce you to Sally:

Sally Smith was told by her art teacher “MR BAXTER” that she would never be good at art & should forget the idea there & then. Mortified she left the idea of life as an artist behind, along with her coloured pencils & her tear soaked hanky in the classroom! Fast forward! vroom!!! …..many years later Sally got herself a place at Art School In Perth & what do you know? she wasn’t too bad at it after all.

So since then, one way or another she has had an involvement in the Art World, exhibiting her own work in joint & solo exhibitions! Have a peep over here www.sallysmithartist.com & sharing the work of other Artists & Designers at www.velvetantartdesign.com
This year 2014 Sally & husband Howard have up sticks & moved to Ubud in Bali for a year of joy, creativity & adventure ( with a few massages & yoga sessions thrown in just for good measure!) 
There is so much amazing stuff happening in Ubud that Sally just  can’t keep quiet about it, so 6 months into the adventure she is sharing some of the fun at www.lovetoliveinubud.com  
And  secondly Clare:
Clare is a writer, transformational coach and recovering corporate minion who’s following her inner-hippy into a simpler, stronger, more meaningful life. You can find her at www.seeklovethrive.com where she blogs about finding your truth, living well and making a difference.
Thanks for stopping by,



6 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Hi Emily, you do sound like a blogger, just remember blogs have a mind of their own, you never know where you will end up! Keep at it…don’t give up xx


  2. So interesting. I love that we both write for pure enjoyment. Although it doesn’t (for me anyway!) take the pressure of what I am going to write about! 🙂
    Thanks for joining in. I really enjoyed reading why you write!!


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