Lucky post number eight


I had a moment of panic the other day when I thought that maybe I couldn’t think of what to write another post about. It seemed suddenly and completely weird that I even have a blog. I mean I am not an expert on Anything at all, I don’t have a cause I am trying to get out there, or a product to sell, I’m not travelling, I created a category called my swirls as a place to post my creative endeavours, but my oil pastel squiggles feel happier hiding in the sketch book at the moment, but anyway that moment passed. Here I am tippity tapping on my mini iPad , enjoying some sunshine, enjoying the company of my gorgeous daughters and enjoying writing these words.

For now that’s just how it is. I am feeling so grateful to have done two fabulous courses back to back and meeting such lovely, supportive, creative and interesting people. I am loving this new community which I’ve plonked myself into. And I guess I will have those moments/ days weeks? when I question if I do in fact have anything to say, or if I belong in blogville, and then I’ll have all the other moments where I’m just happy with exactly how things are. This is one of those moments.


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