Keeping up and Not Keeping up



Trying to keep up is fast becoming impossible, but I still want to!

Since I have done  two fantastic courses run by Pip Lincolne at Meet Me at Mikes, my world has expanded, in a great and sometimes overwhelming way.  I have met so many people and learnt about new blogs and other creatives who inspire me. I am in 5 new Facebook groups with all these new lovely people who post frequently . There are conversations and links and I don’t want to miss anything.

This is leading to a tiny little bit of stress in my world, but sooner or later I need to accept that unless I sit on Facebook the whole time, popping out only to read and comment on other peoples blogs, or write something for mine, or take a cool picture, learn to use an app, or my iPhone better, read the posts in my new blog lovin feed, and all the books on my list,etc. etc. then I can’t keep up.
And, well, I actually also have a life, a husband, teenage daughters, pets, a body which needs to move and hands which want to be creative. I need and want to be present in my life. But this online world has become part of my life too, a part I’m really enjoying.
Arghh , I know I will come up with my own solution to this. It will be about limiting time, accepting that it’s ok to miss out what’s happening, it’s ok to get behind. Teach my girls that I can cope with this self induced onslaught of social media. Trust that the people I am making connections with will understand that even if I don’t hit like, or comment,  I do care! (Maybe I just didn’t read today). I’m just trying to get the balance right. It’s a theme for me at the moment.
Thanks to my family and friends for being patient with the new online Emily (aka Emily@squiggleandswirl) and my new tribe for  the sharing and  the support me xox

p.s I’m not the only one am I? Any tips on time management for Facebook addicts ?


14 thoughts on “Keeping up and Not Keeping up

  1. No you are not the only one Emily! I’m thinking about deleting the apps from my phone and iPad. Am hoping it might make me a bit more focused and make me use my ‘Facebook laptop’ time a bit more effectively. Like you I want to model good online time management for my family. Will let you know how I go! xx


  2. Not alone at all Emily! It can be consuming and hard to know where to draw the line. I think quarantining time is the key – ‘this is social media time’, ‘this is chore time’, ‘this is waiting in the car time so I’ll do whatever I can to pass the time time!’ I’ve just signed up for the art doodling course. Have you enjoyed it so far?


    1. I like that idea Carolyn! Some social media time quarantining is definitely in order for me. The art doodling course is great, I’m really enjoying it. If you get a chance have a look at the doodling class by Lisa Congdon too, it has inspired me to do some doodling each day. (and buy some more supplies). Hope you enjoy it too.


      1. Exactly, it’s fun, definitely my kind of thing! Happy doodling Carolyn. I did the second lesson yesterday and spent ages making backgrounds (and a mess).Let me know what you think of the Lisa Congdon one too. I was so inspired I watched a talk she had given which was great!!!


  3. It is hard to keep up. This past week I’ve been thinking about my online life lots. I love my online crew, love blogging, love reading blogs & commenting on them all but I’m statrting to think I need to cut back or at least limit the time I’m spending online.

    I’m like you & don’t want to miss anything because it’s fun & I love it. But my real life peeps need me too. Balance. It’s hard to find….


    1. It is hard Reannon, but I think just being of aware of it helps.Then maybe making tiny changes. Either that or winning Tattslotto so we can outsource all the tedious stuff, like cleaning!


  4. I don’t know how other people do it-posting and reading so often. I can barely post every few days. Carolyn Turner has good advice and that is what I do too. Once you can skip a whole day, you can realign your priorities. Good post!!


    1. Ooh I might have to build up to missing a whole day. Isn’t that crazy! What has happened to me? I’ll be thinking on this some more, but yes Carolyn’s time quarantining idea sounds good.


  5. Hi Emily. I too find it a struggle. I work full time and my husband is starting to feel like a blog widower, which is ok because I have been a surfing widow for many years, but I’m really trying to limit the time I’m on social media as it does interfere with the small time I have available for writing. I do have enormous fear of missing out or not being able to catch up. When you find the solution, please share it. PS: I think you are doing this blog thing fabulously!


    1. Thanks Michelle, I think already by being more aware I am using my time differently. I am a bit of a study widow, which really was the initial incentive for me starting down this creativity path…Thank Goodness!!! And now there just isn’t enough time to do all the things I want to do, which is actually a great thing.


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