Finding my bloggy voice



I’m trying to find my bloggy voice. Writing to sound as if I am speaking is actually so much harder than I thought it would be. I wrote a blog post this morning (Sunday) and I thought I was pretty happy with it, it made me cry writing it, it gave me a chance to have a few moments of grief which I’d been needing after all the planning that is going on. It was a nice reflection, I had memories pop up from apparently out of nowhere. But then when I reread I wasn’t so sure that it is my voice.

Which makes me think that, that is what I’m working on. My blog will always be honest, but I really am just learning. At work, I have a telephone voice, it’s still me, just a version of me. Does it happen to you that if you speak to someone who speaks really clearly you find yourself speaking a little bit more clearly? Or is that something that just I do? Sometimes it annoys me that I do it, I guess it’s a bit like seeing yourself in a mirror when your out shopping and realizing that you are slouching.(Or is that just me too?)

Anyway, I’m in the process of working out my bloggy voice, one that sounds like me, I just don’t want it to be too phone voicey! I’m also thinking that keeping on writing is how I’m going to do that.


7 thoughts on “Finding my bloggy voice

  1. Yes, I too notice my slouch in store mirrors – ugh.

    Finding that personal voice – interesting topic – my sister recently told me that she read something I wrote and she said to herself “Who IS this?”. That’s not good is it? She said it was good writing, but it didn’t sound like how I would speak naturally. That gave me food for thought and was very helpful criticism. A focus on bringing out our true self is important, isn’t it?


    1. I think so Joan, I think my voice and style will develop the more I keep blogging. My eldest daughter suggested I do some journaling and see how that sounds compared to my blog writing.


  2. Ha! I’m like an accent sponge, I take on the accents of people I talk to (embarrassing). And that moment of catching yourself in a reflection! So relatable!
    I think your voice sounds very authentic Emily. I don’t know your speaking voice, but your writing voice ‘sounds’ really natural and credible and I’m a fan!


  3. I would have sent you an email but could not find a way to do that, so I’ll just leave this short note.

    I’m doing a link up about shoes over at my place – if you want to join in drop by and have a read of the post from today, or click on Shoes in the navigation bar. 🙂


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