I’m back, did you miss me? Because I missed you!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES   I’ve been away. Away from Australia, my family, work and my blog. I had a really good time but it was also a very sad time, farewelling my grandfather Pop Pop’s. It was a first for me, travelling overseas by myself. It was a bit daunting actually, but I did it and I’m so so glad that I went. It’s a week I will always remember. Really it was great. It was emotional, it was about family, it was Summer in England( beautiful!) and it was an unexpected holiday, a bonus. I got to hang out with my lovely Aunty (I wish we didn’t live on opposite sides of the world!), see my other Auntie’s too, see my cousins again, meet their children and play with them. I even got lots of cuddles with the new baby cousin… so lucky. So there was lots of joy and then also the sadness at saying goodbye to someone who I loved, who was the top of the family tree. Someone who had seen a lot of years, lived through a lot of era’s and lived a full life. I was glad to be there for our family and sad too. Fast forward through teary airport goodbyes, the long flight, the battle to get over jet lag, the catching up at home and at work, the feeling unsettled, the inability to slot myself back into the groove I was happily in before I left, the catching up on facebook and blogs, some procrastination and questioning about why am I even blogging, to here…now. Here I am, I’m back and I have rediscovered my little happy place. I logged into wordpress and just started typing and it feels good, I have missed being here.  I’m smiling on the inside. I am pleased that I didn’t try to force myself to slot back into the groove I had been in, I didn’t push or shove or jam. I just gave myself some space to settle back and I think I’m actually going to be in a new groove. Travel does that to you doesn’t it? Travel, time away, or even just being non habitual give you an opportunity to do or experience things a little differently. Ok, enough rambling on from me for now, till the next post. Cheers, Emily x


6 thoughts on “I’m back, did you miss me? Because I missed you!

    1. Thanks Joan, I am sorry, somehow your comment was in my spam which I hadn’t checked. I managed the flight really well, and the switching planes at Dubai! I watched at lots of movies and read the book you recommended Me before You by Jo Jo Moyes which was a perfect travel novel. Everything went smoothly and I even managed a few hours of sleep.


  1. It’s always good to get a different perspective and to see family you’ve not seen for a while. What part of England was it…looks a little like the south coast?! Love your blog 🙂


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