I woke up thinking about goals and time management. About lists and things I want to do and haven’t done. I was thinking about the nature of me and how to use that to my advantage.

Ha ha, I’m writing about goals on Grand Final day. I’m skipping the first half so I can enjoy a bit more of this perfect Saturday and having the house to myself. Don’t get me wrong I love the people I share my life with and love hanging out with them. But I also love hanging out with me.

I’m not a great goal setter, I am enthusiastic and excited by things, I get inspired and order lots of books from the library and scribble little notes to myself, great ideas, more than it is probably possible to do/read etc. and then I can feel overwhelmed by my big lists, piles of unfinished projects and ideas. Overwhelmed to the point of inaction.

It’s not all bad, I have kind of come to a point of acceptance and liking of me, a celebration even. This is me, a dabbler, a jumper from project to project, a starter of new projects whilst others(projects he he)Β lay waiting for my attention.

That is my creative side, the free flowing and spontaneous side which I am encouraging and nurturing. I also have a very efficient and organized side, I get things done, I prioritize, I plan and basically achieve what I set out to do (mostly).

I really am both of those people. So what I’m thinking about is how I marry the two, how I can prioritize the more creative aspects of my life and the reading of books which inspire me? How do I make enough time for me to just be me? Then there is my other passion which is Feldenkrais, something which has inspired me so much and made such a difference to my life, a skill I have let slide but want to get back to.

This is where I’m at: getting insights and ideas about how I go about moving forward with this, it starts with awareness and grows into ideas, planning and action. It’s going to start with one goal.

1. To spend time with myself this weekend and come up with a list/timetable for next week which includes what is really most valued for me. To check in with myself next week and see how I went…Accountability.

I’ll let you know how I go (accountability).

What about you, are you good at setting goals for things that are most important to you?

Emily πŸ™‚

ps. please forgive my grammatical errors, my editors ( teenage daughters) are in Tasmania and if I read this one more time I may not hit publish.


9 thoughts on “Goals

  1. Oh Emily you sound so much like me it is scary. I have endless lists, scraps of paper, notes on fridge doors, unfinished projects. But at the same time I am very organised. Sounds so contradictory but it works. I love that you are making a list for next week. That is exactly what I would do.


    1. Deb, I loved waking up his morning to your comment, it kind of affirmed for me why I am having a go at this blogging thing. By the way I have stamp making from your blog’s great tutorial on my list for this week.( because you can never have too many projects on the go, right?)


  2. must be the creative mind, because I am the same! I have a million notebooks hanging around, all with cryptic notes in… πŸ™‚ I am in the process of making my spare room my creative space, and I am hoping that having a designated room to hold my craft stuff, blog stuff and notebooks it will make me less scattered and a bit more pro-active! πŸ™‚


    1. Yes creative mind, that’s it. Plus stationery addict ( me). I dream of having a creative room, but I’d still have stuff everywhere else in the house too! Maybe being scattered isn’t such a bad thing πŸ™‚


  3. I’m definitely in a random phase at the moment. Not planning, not list writing – and it’s doing my head in a bit. There is nothing more satisfying than writing a list and crossing things off it. First thing on my To Do List: Must Write To Do List.



    1. I think we just go through phases, random is good too Kate! It has been good for me this week already though to list some good things, things that I want to do. Good luck with your list ( or with being happy without a list ).


  4. Oh yes, I can completely relate, Emily! I am super organised at managing the house and everyone’s activities but struggle scheduling time – and quarantining it – for my creative projects. Hence the number of unfinished items lying around the house! Come school holidays and I always give myself a good talking to about being more disciplined but school goes back and it flies out the window!


    1. Maybe we just need more holidays Carolyn! I found it great while doing Pip’s course that we had homework to do. It was kind of funny telling the girls I had homework and then making a collage or drawing with oil pastels. πŸ™‚


      1. Yes, the homework created a sense of obligation and accountability. And I like homework that is not going to be assessed by anyone!


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