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IMG_0363.JPGThere are so many inspiring bloggers out there, so much sharing going on and I have been visiting more of them lately. I have decided I need to be a bit more organized around how I store some of the inspiration, insights and ideas I come across for future use. One idea is to have a record of the blogs I visit and would like to come back to, or what I read/saw there. Like a travel journal, but for my blog travels.

I am excited about this idea because really and truly each week I am learning new things and getting some great ideas, but sometimes they get lost. Sometimes I think, ooh who was it that wrote this about that and I have to waste time clicking around trying to find it again. I think my travel blog log thing will work.( I do also bookmark things but worry I will end up with too many)

So the next part of my travel idea is to share a few of these with you, it may or may not be a regular thing I’ll just see how it goes. So here goes!

This week in my blog travels:

Practicing Simplicity was a new discovery for me, lots of great inspiration there for spring cleaning at the moment. I liked this one about cleaning your drawers you use.

Mama Nourish, A to Z of Happy and Healthy.

Deb from Sewcraftygoodness posted a fun tutorial to make stamps you can find that here.

And if you want to read about how to sew your own knickers head over to thegirlintheteacup.

Then there is Rachel who blogs about her life with Dysautonomia at The Chronic-ills of Rach. It’s Dysautonomia awareness week so if you haven’t heard of it head you could pop over there too.

I hope you enjoy those blogs too.



11 thoughts on “Blog Travel Journal

    1. Thank you Lila, it was fun having this idea and following through. I’m not sure if I’ll do it weekly but that would be something to aim for. Thanks for your awesome blog!


  1. A really nice idea to keep a record of all the amazing ideas and talents out there. It’s a bit like ‘taking stock’ but ‘keeping a log’!


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