Inspired wakefulness(aka insomnia)

IMG_0381This is a very quick post so I can get back to bed and hopefully back to sleep very soon. Just before I went to bed I accidentally thought – gee I really have to do a few things to my blog to make it better. There are so many gaps in my blogging ability, must just get onto that soon. As soon as I thought it I also thought …OOPS! That wasn’t a good prebedtime thought, and sure enough here I am, up and sitting at my computer at 1am.

I did sleep for a while but a sneaky little cough woke me up and my brain decided to continue along it’s (my) prebedtime thought train. I knew I was fighting a losing battle to go back to sleep so in the end, just got up, made a cup of decaf green tea and proceeded to learn a bit more about my wordpress blog whilst my cat tried to play with me.

He has gone back to bed now and I think that I shall too. I’m no stranger to insomnia, but lets just call this a random night of inspired wakefulness.



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