One of the best things I have done was the course Inspiration Information run by the wonderful Pip Lincolne. I wanted to find out more about the creative “side” of myself and spend more time “being creative”. Well, I got all of that and so much more!

Here I am just a few months down the track:
-writing in my journal early in the morning
-learning to art journal
-playing with line drawing
-collaging and in a collage club
-writing blog posts because I now have a blog!
-taking more photos and sharing them on Instagram
-commenting on other people’s blogs
-being part of a group of creative and inspiring people.

Here I am with way more exciting and inspiring stuff going on that I can actually fit in, which is AWESOME.

I am inspired, and it feels so good!

Thanks Pip! And thanks to my husband and family for being so supportive of my creative “journey” and to anyone who happens to read this and feel inspired to go and do something creative, just because you want to. x


8 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. Great post, I really enjoyed reading about how your creative journey has continued on after the Inspiration Course. You are sounding so inspired with creativity a part of your day to day life – awesome!


  2. Yay! So glad you are feeling creative and inspired and making time to “scratch that creative itch”. Pip’s courses are great aren’t they x


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