Ten things I am doing for my health



After thinking about goals the other week, the number one goal that emerged was Health. So writing a blog post about health really is kind of a win win thing to do today (cross two things off my list). Thanks to Pip Lincolne at MeetmeatMikes for the great idea. Head over there if you want to read what she’s doing for her health too.

Here are my 10:

1. I had my mammagram/ breast ultrasound last week. I have kind of pesky cystic boobs which require a bit of extra observation and sometimes a bit more than that.

2.  I am booking in for a biopsy of one cyst which the radiographer thought they would like a closer look at. I’m actually not feeling too worried, I’ve been down this path lots of times and usually it’s ok. Once I had to have some surgically removed but fingers crossed hey! It’s about being responsible and keeping an eye on things.

3. Doing things that make me happy or joyful.

4. Spending time doing creative things, even if that is daydreaming.

5. Going to gym, I kind of do the bare minimum but it helps me feel strong and healthy and keep some muscle mass.

6. Trying to eat less sugar ( that’s not easy! probably something I’ll always be trying to do)

7. Trying to think of three more things

8. Walking the dog.

9. Planning a camping weekend, I always feel so good after a weekend away with my family in our cute and squeezy  campertrailer.

10. Getting food ideas, information and inspiration from Katie180 and Mama Nourish. It’s great having healthy, positive and practical things come through on my Facebook feed.

Gosh the chronic list maker in me feels like writing a healthy to do list now. Maybe I should just prepare dinner and then actually go to gym!!!

Emily 🙂




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