IMG_0722So the good news is I went for another ultrasound and found out after closer inspection, that I didn’t need a biopsy after all….Yay!!! Cause for celebration!!! This may well be my quickest post ever. I just wanted to share my good news with you. Now I can focus on all the other good stuff and write another post. ( maybe I’ll just do a little happy dance first though)

Emily x

p.s my funny little drawing, is for the #adrawingofmyday on instagram, started by one of my online creative friends Melinda who blogs at A Little Creative. Knowing me, it won’t be a drawing a day, but if I draw more often then it’s All Good right? (like how I started and finished with All Good ? #alittlebitcorny ha ha)


6 thoughts on “ALL GOOD=YAY!!!

  1. Yay great news!! – thanks for sharing #adrawingofmyday – It’s something that I hope people will find lots of fun when they decide to do one and share it 🙂 – your drawing looks great too – so easy to take a few minutes every now and then to do a quick sketch and enjoy the process. I hope it becomes a happy habit for you!


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