IMG_0421I think I may have already mentioned that until not so long ago I was an avid reader of blogs but not a commenter. I started reading blogs when I became interested in sewing, I found all these great blogs with tutorials and inspiring ideas, visual candy and just cool things. I’m so not techno that I had my favourite blogs written in the front of my diary, or on scraps of paper. Then my computer kindly remembered some of them for me. Anyway I would check in on my faves and sometimes hop from there to other places having a merry old time. Strangely getting know these “bloggers” from their sharing. My quilting adventures lead to more sewing and then just more creative stuff, like trying to learn to draw, or crochet. I found other people that liked op shopping, clogs and quirky things. I realised I was actually enjoying reading about the “bloggers” lives, that their writing resonated with me somehow, or their images and stories. But for some weird reason, I just didn’t think to comment. I saw that other people did, I just didn’t value my voice enough. Like why would someone want to hear from me, they don’t even know me, I don’t have a blog, blah, blah, blah.

Sometime ago I had this realization that my favourite bloggers are actually real people, living real lives and if I met them on the street in real life I would have something to say, I would have a voice. I’d start by saying Thank You.

It was just the computer in the middle which made it seem weird. And that these real people who I was enjoying the one sided online company of would probably be glad to hear my thank you. Maybe they would even find it amusing that I have the same picture as them…jinx, or bought the same book the same weekend, like the same plates, made something from one of their tutorials, have bought their book , think they are awesome etc. etc. etc.

Fast forward to now…suddenly I have found my online voice(and I can’t shut up). I am commenting, I am liking and I even have my own blog. Writing and creating this blog is helping me strengthen my voice, my belief in myself that I have something worthy to say online. I am getting to know people in the blogging community because I am putting myself into it, not just sitting on the sidelines. I feel like as I grow my blog, post by post, I am also growing my creative life, my real life life. I am creating my life to be more how I want it to be. But I think that may be a whole other post.

Thanks for reading.

Emily 🙂



  1. A lovely thank you for your readers, I didn’t start commenting either until I started blogging. So glad you found your online voice-it is hard thing to do. I am still finding mine after switching my birth/lifestyle blog to a a writing blog.


  2. Emily, who you are shines through your writing so clearly. I am sure if we met in our ‘real life’ lives we would feel like we knew each other, simply because you can’t blog without leaving some of yourself on the page. I love your voice, the honesty and the fascination you have for documenting your creative pursuits. It is inspiring. You’ve made me draw again. Thank YOU!!!


    1. Oh Rachel, that makes me so happy! ( happy tears). I feel so fortunate to be doing all this creative stuff, putting myself out there, not comparing myself to others and just using those parts of my brain which have been dormant for so long! Happy drawing xx


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