EARLY SATURDAY MORNING: tea, drawing and blogging

IMG_0756Saturday mornings are probably my favourite time of the week, I just love the potential ahead, the seemingly vast amount of time which is usually unstructured, mine!
My body knows this so I often wake up early and lie in bed thinking of all that could be possible for the day or the weekend. Today I woke ridiculously early so I’ve decided to get up and just start. By the time everyone else wakes up I’ll be on my third cup of tea and probably a bit tired, but right now I’m enjoying my first cup and the sounds of the birds waking up.

This week has been a good week.
1. I got good news from the ultrasound, which has made the whole week awesome!
2. My eldest daughter has made her Year 11 subject choices, and that feels great. I’m so proud of her ( and her sister, hi girls if you’re reading)
3. I frocked up and spent a fun day at the races with some lovely ladies.
4. I’ve been drawing and loving it. I’m doing the #adrawingofmyday and I got a fabulous book by Lisa Congdon called 20 ways to draw a Tulip. So much fun!
5. I bought some seedlings for the empty veggie patch and discovered lots of self seeded lettuce and tomatoes. Yay, self seeded plants make me happy. ( last year we had self seeded coriander…yum)

Oops I haven’t been to gym, and seem to have acquired a new addiction, Instagram (#instagram). We’ve had a bit of stress around work but have managed to be positive(after feeling negative and a sleepless night) reflect on what is important to us and be proactive to work towards that end.

I’m going to write another post just about my new addiction Instagram, but before that I think I need to change my little description . At the moment it says (among other things), wife to a busy husband. It needs to say wife to an awesome husband, but will probably end up saying something that doesn’t sound too cheesy or over the top. Or maybe I should just leave my family out of it. It’s impossible to write honestly about those you love without sounding over the top isn’t it?

So gratitude, for my husband, daughters, health, family, friends, time to do more creative things in my life and meeting other people doing creative things in their lives . And to you who have read this post, or visited my blog.


P.s as I wrote that I remembered that gardener who said cheerio at the end of his show ( Kevin Heinz?) lol. Cheerio

P.p.s.  If you want to check out Lisa Condon’s awesome blog head over here: LisaCongdon (she’s on instagram too!)



4 thoughts on “EARLY SATURDAY MORNING: tea, drawing and blogging

  1. What a happy week and luxurious start to your weekend Emily! My awesome hubby and I have just come back from our morning walk and coffee. We are enjoying having our Saturday mornings now that school sport is just a memory for us! And I agree that it is hard to write about those you love without sounding a bit cheesy! But when they are so important to us, how can we not write about them? Enjoy the rest of your weekend x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad you are enjoying your Saturday mornings Carolyn! Thanks for being so supportive of my creative endeavours and blog, and for being a great inspiration information friend.


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