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I’m thinking about starting a resources for beginners page with book references and links to great blogs and tutorial etc. What do you think of that idea?

Till then though this weeks inspiring links are:

When Art is Scary, by Lindy Saunders, all about why doing art as an adults can be scary.

Rare Pear Studio, Shani is an awesome artist who among many other talents makes great collages and in this post has shared some of her insights on collage and the creative process (and also her process with her The Collage Club’s October themed collage).

An ode to the rainbow and the uniqueness of it’s colours, by Sarah at Sarah’sHeartsWrites. I am struggling find words to describe this one, but basically it’s about celebrating your uniqueness and finding your tribe and it REALLY touched me. I hope you like it too.

I am feeling very fortunate to be able to have the time to spend more time being in my creative zone. This week I’ve spent less time in blogland, real life required me to be more present and I also needed more time to do some creative things. Some of the things I did:

I watched an interesting film about Diane Vreeland called “The eye has to travel”, wow a creative dynamo she was!

I am trying to finish reading “The Mountains Echoed”, it hasn’t been a quick read but I’m really enjoying it now and want to get to the end.

I popped in to the library and borrowed two good drawing books, ” The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Drawing Basics” which although I certainly don’t consider myself an idiot, I am a complete beginner and it seems to have lots of good stuff in it. And “One Zentangle A Day”, I have been getting some inspiration for new doodling patterns from it. I’d like to be a ” better” drawer, but I’ve always loved doodling, it relaxes me!

I bought some fabric to make another dress, my plan is to make one similar to the last  one I made, so I can make it a bit quicker with my new learning(mistakes) fresh in my memory.

I  also had an attempt at a collage for this month’s theme at The Collage Club (p.s go there and join if you want to join in, or see what other people are collaging). I’m not sure I like it enough to post yet, but haven’t thrown it out either.

Oh and I’m mostly keeping up with #adrawingofmyday on instagram, check it out and have a go if you feel inclined it’s FUN! I feel a bit like a little kid doing a drawing and getting encouragement from my teacher or parents when  a little orange heart comes up because someone”liked”my drawing, and I feel happy when I look my little collection of the drawings. I  really am getting braver!

Hope things are good in your world.

Emily x



20 thoughts on “Inspiring Links (Recent Blog Travels)

  1. What a lovely post and thanks for the mention :-). I am going to have to get the Zentangle book as I am a bit of a fan of zentangles. Love them. I will also check out the instagram #adrawingofmyday. Unfortunately I can’t draw for anything, but I love looking at what everyone else does. xx


  2. Sounds like you have been having a creative and inspirational time! Great links. I love that Diana Vreeland doco too. I think I could watch documentaries every day if I had the time. x


  3. Love your idea of resources for beginners page. You are certainly being habitually creative. Love your cute drawing and a zentangle a day sounds like fun x


    1. Thank you Naomi, it’s funny I have only recently really realized that I am creative and said it out loud. Thanks to Pip Lincolne and the Inspiration Information course. Now that I have I am really on a roll! I really appreciate your lovely comment x


  4. Hi again Emily,
    I thought I would add this information here that you asked in my comment section about how I do the collages. I have an app on my phone called “Collect” where you can ad photos everyday for a month. At the end of the month you have the option to make them into a collage which is kind of good I think. Hope that helps. I love the app and have used it for awhile now. There is also another one called “photo 365” which does the same thing. I have an iphone 5s by the way. Cheers xx


  5. You sure keep yourself busy, don’t you?!
    I didn’t care for “The Mountains Echoed” so much because I didn’t like the way it was structured – it took too much mental work to keep it all organized in my head. I assume you’ve finished it by now – what did you think, looking back on it?


    1. Hi Joan, and sorry for my late reply here. In the end I was glad I finished it. But it was very tricky to follow and it was very sad too. I don’t think I’d be bending over backwards to recommend it to people, but I’m glad I read it.


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