Focus on Play


Yesterday I made a choice to have the focus of my day off be creativity. I woke up early and was feeling overwhelmed at all the things that I want to do(a common feeling lately), then I had this shift, a downsizing of my expectations for the day and an idea that all I wanted to do was give myself the time to be able to play and create. To have some freedom to just explore, and what a good idea that turned out to be.

Of course I still had my other responsibilities to take care of which I did, but there was a shift from feeling overwhelmed and under accomplished to feeling like I was doing exactly what I wanted to and this is going to take me in the direction of being more accomplished, and of living a more creative life.

It also felt good because it was a day off shared with Steve (my husband) and his focus was work, study and gardening and I do find it tricky to sit and be playful, creative and not goal oriented around someone who is being busy and effective and efficient. But this is EXACTLY what I need to get better at, doing my own thing, guilt free, whenever it suits me ( well on my days off anyway !). And I’ll just add here that this is about me, Steve is more than happy for me to spend my time doing whatever I choose, it’s my stuff( he even came with me to the art shop so I could get some gesso… he’s a keeper!).

So strengthening this side of me is about giving myself time, making me a priority ( sometimes), finding my creative flow and having some time to play.It’s also about doing all of this when I’m in the middle of my family, who are doing whatever they are doing and going through whatever’s happening in their lives. It’s about being present to them, but also present to me. I’m working on it! I’m not there yet, but yesterday was really good.

Thanks for reading,

Emily x

Ps. Today’s focus is family, I need to help Phoebe get ready for camp, do lots of washing, plan some meals, go the supermarket ( shudder), Cook, clean and be a taxi driver and supervising driver. I’m still going to fit some time in for my #drawingofmyday though ! Hope you’ve got some time for you this weekend too.



7 thoughts on “Focus on Play

  1. Hi Em, I think this is a really really good idea-the idea of one day being about a certain theme-so often I get overwhelmed because I think to be creative, or to write often I need to do these All The Time-and it becomes a bit much. Especially when you are juggling LIFE and all it encompasses. I think I am going to adopt this idea and even write the themes down in my daily planner, as a reminder that I am only going to focus on one theme for that day, and that a reminder that the other themes will be there for another day.
    See you next week 🙂 Tash


    1. I know, it’s tricky to fit it all in! It worked really well, mostly though it’s a juggle. I’m thinking about what today’s focus will be though. See you Thursday 🙂


  2. How great Emily! You are really putting into practice alot of what we thought about in the Inspiration course. This weekend I have had some time to myself, with my kids away doing things with others, so I have had a big clean up of my creative space – ready to get messy! I’ve written a couple of blog posts and tried to get everything ready for the week ahead. I’m scheduling creative things everyday for the next three weeks as I have a market on 29th and I want to have plenty of lovely things for people x


    1. Wow, you’ve been busy Karen ! In a good way. Yep Inspiration Information has given me so much , and I’m feeding the creative fire as much as I can. All the best with your market preparations . Emily x


  3. Oh! This really resonated with me so much. I constantly diminish things that I want to do that don’t have an end result of ‘achieving something’. Play for plays sake. Like I feel satisfied if I ‘get something done’, but not if I just whittle some time away reading, or listening to music, wandering the streets or doodling. There’s something about being a parent in that, because you feel like time is so short that you must get things done. But really, if time is short, surely the quality of the moment is more important than the to do list.

    Lovely post, really loved this especially: “It’s about being present to them, but also present to me.”



    1. Thanks Kate, It’s crazy isn’t it that some of us seem to lose the ability to just be able to enjoy some free time, or to play and be in the moment. I’m working on it, some days are easier than others. I’m using my teenagers as inspiration ( they are great at it)!


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