Sometimes you just have to start.



It’s too easy to overthink things, at least that’s what I think ( ha ha). It happens to me quite often that I have some free time, with loads of potential, and I get a bit panicked! That’s so weird isn’t it? I can come up with a list, a plan, or a theme and all of these strategies can help, but I do have days where I am kind of frozen. I can’t put pen to paper, sew a stitch or type a blog post. I can be swamped with little comments from my inner critic questioning what the point is. Stopping every idea I have in it’s tracks, BAM. Or  I can distract myself with domestic duties (always plenty of those to do) and suddenly the day is gone.

The other day when this happened, I told that voice to be quiet,  I said something like “you know, you have had 40 years or so of telling me I can’t draw, of criticizing my creative attempts, stopping me from being brave and just doing something because I enjoy it, now you can be quiet for a while”. And I kept drawing and it was good. ( and then a week later I had a “frozen” day).

Of course I have done things which I am pleased with in the last few years  so most of the time that voice isn’t there. But for some reason with drawing or artistic endeavours it speaks it’s mind loud and clear. So today when faced with a day off and an agenda to have some creative me time. I used this strategy. I JUST … STARTED!

After the school drop off I drew a little picture of something that caught my eye when I was driving, (and I liked it). Then I cleared the kitchen bench and pretended I was turning it into my studio ( “shut up voice, I can have a studio and be artistic today”), I looked through my arty supplies and just picked something to start with, some watercolours. And then I  started mixing colours and making shapes. Some colours were a bit yucky, it was very simplistic , but you know what… I liked it, I had fun and then it inspired this blog post. So YAY!!! And it’s only 11 am and the day is still young.

So if you find yourself a bit stuck like I get sometimes,my words of inspiration for the day are. “Just start, even if it’s 5 minutes of doing something you want to be doing, or learning about or creating. Starting feels good, and it can lead to more”. And if starting is too hard, have a cuppa and give yourself permission to start some other time.


Emily x


18 thoughts on “Sometimes you just have to start.

  1. You beautiful creature! Just starting is such an awesome thing to discover isn’t it? How did we get this far before finding it out? Mind bedoggling. I really love how happy your coloured spots are Emily. I love them and I am craving seeing more of your creativity. It wants OUT! Show us more! 😀


  2. i like this Emily! The inner critic and the ‘lure’ of domestic duties are hard to drown out at times. I think you’re right that we just have to dive in and not think too much about what we are doing. Draw a line, a shape, add to it, maybe some colour? A work starts to take shape and we can look back and feel satisfied with what we have created – sometimes more so than others! And remember that it is okay to take time out and spend some time on your art or craft – it doesn’t always have to be pushed down the ‘to do’ list behind all the other responsibilities.


    1. Absolutely Carolyn! Drown out that critic and the lure of domestic duties and DIVE IN. I think doing the drawingofmyday has been really great for this too. I’m often quite surprised how happy my little drawing or doodle makes me, how satisfied I can feel. It’s kind of an upside to having older children and lets not waste it all on a tidier house!


      1. Yes, every stage of family life has its positives! But I must say I am enjoying having a nice big pitch of the stuff that is lying around our house at the moment! Mountains of study notes going in the recycling!


  3. Oh those dreaded voices in our head – Insecurity – Low Self Esteem – Uncertain – Hesitation – Guilt – kinda like naming The Seven Dwarfs, isn’t it?! Nike got it right with “JUST DO IT” didn’t they? I borrow their mantra regularly and find myself more and more delaying the “unfun” things until “tomorrow”. What a great day you had!! More, MORE, More!! xo


  4. That’s such good advice Emily. Saying “shut up” and just starting. I was taught only to do things if you’ll be good at them…I said goodbye to that philosophy a few years ago now and have tried and failed at so many things, but the point is I had so much fun doing it!! And once you start you have to just keep going.


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