Long service leave for my inner critic.

As I responded to a comment about not listening to my inner critic and believing that will make her quieter, I had the idea to give her long service leave. She certainly has earned it! I’m going to be kind to her and say,” go somewhere nice, take as long as you want (at least a year)”.

I am a good person and a fair employer, I won’t sack her, or poison her and bury her. Essentially she is part of me, she is me. But she is a me that I don’t want to be guided by, not right now, not anymore.

And you know what, as she has been quieter lately( having enforced time off). Someone new has been around a lot more. She delights in the simple things I create. She praises me for colour choices, for shapes I draw, for starting and for trying. She seems to think just about everything I do is awesome ( inner critic doesn’t like her).She is the kindest most positive person, and she’s happy, so happy. Plus she’s great company. Actually, I think I may promote her.

I don’t know what I’ll call her yet, but she is me. Maybe I’ll just call her Emily 🙂


P.s if your inner critic is holding you back, and long service leave is too much to contemplate, I can recommend at least starting with giving them a day off.

11 thoughts on “Long service leave for my inner critic.

  1. Yes! Send her off to Timbuktu on a long and complicated mission. And Hi to Emily! We all agree with your assessment, this girl makes beautiful things appear on paper.


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