Silly season (I can do this)


This is going to be a quick post because I am feeling the press of the silly season. It has arrived into my unorganized life and is claiming my creative time…..aarrgghh!

I haven’t bought many presents, or even made my list, I’ve got family coming on Boxing Day (and staying), I have too many clothes to squeeze into my wardrobe and too much me to squeeze into a lot of those clothes. My family are weary, and a little bit stressed. We’ve had book lists to do, applications for next year’s happenings to make, new staff timetables to try to organize. ….aarrgghh!

Yep, I’m feeling overwhelmed, so here’s what I am going to do:

Take some deep breaths.

Finish the draught of this blog post.

Set my timer for 15 minutes and declutter my wardrobe, then another 15 to put things away.

Put the ironing board and ironing out of sight.

Start my Christmas Gifts list .

Throw my Christmas cards into my work basket to make a start on tomorrow in my lunch break.

Write a To Do List.

Get out my watercolours and play for 15 minutes before I pick up the girls from school. Ok here I go.

Is it getting silly at your place? Really I do love it, I just want to be a little less frantic so I can enjoy it more. I can do this.


2 thoughts on “Silly season (I can do this)

  1. oh yes, Emily, I feel the same. After an intense school year, I really want to do nothing!to,d my husband the other day I want to escape somewhere and be waited upon! A ‘to-do’ list with defined times for activities keeps everything under control so tomorrow it is Christmas shopping, Thursday is the garden and Friday is holiday planning. And after dinner is reserved for something creative. That’s the plan!


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