Creativity Treasure Map : Collage Club-Maps


Maps is the theme for the Collage club this month and all sorts of ideas were churning around in my brain! Old Melways that I’d chucked out (regret that I had thrown them out), maps of places I’ve been, the dwindling use of maps since the digital age, whereis, sat navs, iPhones etc. I imagined a graveyard with headstones for maps, Melways ( road directories) and map reading skills. I moved onto to treasure maps, with different themes, different treasures. Images of Islands, Palm trees and treasure chests. After all of that I just started, and these words kept grabbing my attention.

My first thought was ” that’s too many words Emily” but then I thought “says who?!” . It’s not like I’m getting assessed, and you know what, I’m not trying to create a masterpiece! No, not me I’m trying to be more creative, to listen to those little impulses I have and go with them. That is my journey at the moment and my adventure. and the treasure apart from creativity is HAPPINESS. Yay

I love being in the collage club, I don’t think it’s really my medium ( not yet anyway), but I like the challenge of putting myself in unfamiliar territory, with my scissors, paper and glue. Seeing what ideas I can come up with and making something that doesn’t have to be displayed or useful or even permanent. Plus I get to see what everyone else comes up with , I’m learning and everyone is so supportive and encouraging .

If you want to see what everyone else is up to you could search for #blogcollageclub on instagram or check out the facebook group The Collage Club.

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8 thoughts on “Creativity Treasure Map : Collage Club-Maps

  1. It’s so true isn’t it Emily. It’s not about creating a masterpiece to be assessed. It’s about our creative journey. You are just going from strength to strength with yours. I love this collage and the words and the little dotted lines – it’s like it is your creative journey. I’m not sure if I’ll get one done this month but I love looking at what everyone creates. xx


  2. How lovely – a ‘creativity map’. I love how we have all taken this theme in different directions, and it is so true – there is no assessment, just the treasure of happiness! I felt a bit ‘wild’ with my first maps collage, but then, it’s about exploring creativity too and different mediums. The #blogcollageclub rocks x


    1. I love how we have all done different things with this theme too. I think that is one of the things I am discovering, my self expression which then leads to creating something which is “me” and yes the treasure of Happiness. I agree, the #blogcollageclub rocks. (and so does your new blog BTW) 🙂


  3. I love your words! It looks like a pirate’s treasure map. Turn right at Flexibility and then you find Fun etc. It also reminds me of one of those Mind Maps we did in Inspiration Information. As you said, this collage caper isn’t about perfection, it’s all about the journey x


    1. I did have the pirate’s treasure map in mind. Funny though my daughter said it reminded me of a Harry Potter map. And yes the mid map in Inspiration Information, I struggled a bit with that but think maybe I could do it a bit more easily now. ( puts on the to do list). Thanks Karen x


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