Finding the words.

My computer screen is looking at me kind of impatiently waiting for my words, the clock is ticking letting me know that the time I allocated to write this post is passing, our cat who was vying for my attention has started to meow loudly in an effort to wake the girls up ( seeing as I’m ignoring him).

Come on words! I think I can’t do my usual chirpy chat just about me, without acknowledging the sadness of the events of this week, and more locally last week. And yet I don’t have it in me to write about that well, or in a way I’d be proud of. It’s like struggling to find the words for a sympathy card. But until it’s said I’m stuck here so here goes.

I’m sorry for the loss that innocent people have had this week, for the grief and the life changing trauma. I’m sad for the families and friends who have lost someone in such an unnecessary and violent way. I’m sad that a young girl lost her life last week and she didn’t even get to grow up and now her family will always miss her.

When our girls were younger, there came a time when they wanted to know about death and dying. We had to tell them that all life has a beginning, a middle and an end. Sometimes though the end just comes to soon, unfairly, cruelly! That’s what they  know now, what we all know.

Hug your loved ones tighter, be thankful for all the good things and keep loving.

Emily x


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