Blog with Pip Christmas party and cute quiz!


I’m a punctual girl usually, but last Thursday I forgot to go to my Blog with Pip Christmas shindig (online), and happened to walk in right near the end. After a few minutes of giving myself a hard time and feeling disappointed, I started reading what I’d been missing out on. That lovely Pip Lincolne, she really knows how to host a party, there were pretty images all over the place, and questions, like a quiz and lots of sparkly conversation.

I poured myself a Baileys, sat myself down and joined in and it was short but sweet. So much positivity, so much to be thankful for and all these lovely bloggers who are no longer strangers. Bloggy friends hanging out with Pip firing away with the questions, likes happening left right and centre and lots of thinking going on. Since then Pip has posted the questions on her awesome blog, so If you’d like to have a read and maybe a go yourself, pop over there. Also over there are links to lots of great Blog with Pip students blogs (even me eeek).

I’ve had a bit more of a think, rejigged my answers and made this post about it (thanks for the suggestion Pip). Here are the questions and my answers.

1. Who inspired you in 2014?

I was inspired by so many people that I can’t even start to list them. But the inspiration started with Pip Lincolne, there was Brene Brown, Lisa Congdon and then lots of fellow Inspiration Information friends and Blog with Pip people aswell.

2.Which blogs have you discovered or continued to enjoy

I discovered  so many new blogs, now it’s a challenge to keep up ( I actually can’t). I know if I start naming them I’m sure to leave someone out, so I’ll save myself from that anxiety and not go there ( like I did at the party).

3. Did you achieve something this year that surprised you?

Yep, I started a blog, and I’m enjoying blogging!

4. Share some of the things you tried for the first time.

Collage, commenting on blogs, blogging, oh and Instagram!

5. What was the best thing you saw or heard?

I think Brene Brown’s Ted talk on vulnerability it is so good, try to watch it if you haven’t , I plan on watching it again.

6. Name three things you didn’t get to do this year that you want to tackle next year.

More Feldenkrais, sew another dress, declutter the house (if that’s even possible).

7. If you could steal one quality from another person what would it be?

Energy! I run out of steam too easily.

8. Which bit of yourself were you most proud of this year?

I am most proud of my courage, courage to try new things, to be vulnerable, take risks and express myself. It has been so rewarding stepping out of my “comfort zone”.

10.Best thing about this year? Most looked forward to thing about next year?

Doing the Inspiration Information course was the best thing I did in 2014, a real game changer for me. Being more creative and being part of a new community. I’ve met so many lovely people online, spent so much time exploring my creativity and surprising myself with what I can do.

Next year , well I ended up doing this little drawing of some of the things I’m looking forward to! So I’ll finish with that. As always , thanks for reading. I’m not signing out for the year just yet, I still have a couple of posts in the pipeline to finish of 2014.

Emily x








2 thoughts on “Blog with Pip Christmas party and cute quiz!

  1. I love your 2015 doodlings! What a great way to look forward to the year! It’s been great to meet you this year Emily, thank you so much for your words, your doodles, and your packages! I feel very lucky to have a new friend in you 🙂


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