New Year’s Day Reflections


I’ve had such a fantastic day. I got up early and wrote some words in my journal, started reflecting on how 2015 will look for me. I’ve had a pause from blogging, instagram, drawing and doodling, which was necessary to enjoy(cope with) the festive season and be present with my family, but now it’s a New Year and I am excited! 2014 was awesome for me, way beyond my expectations and as I said goodbye and thanks to 2014, I had no regrets. There will always be things undone on my To Do list, but that is partly because it is so BIG, and I happily keep adding to it. But…

The start of a new year is always such a great time to reflect on things and put new things in place. Some people do resolutions, some have a theme, or a word, or a vision board or plan. Some people set goals and then go about achieving them…and I admire those people!

This year I just jotted some ideas down and then I came up with this idea of “balancing” input and output. There is so much inspiration out there, it’s sooooo good! and I love it and being surrounded by it, but I also need to have output. So making things, doodling, drawing or journaling or blogging. Or baking, or making healthier choices, or doing more Feldenkrais.

Balance isn’t about being things equal, there may be times when there is lots of input, or lots of output, but I guess when I am feeling happy and creative and like ME. That is when I have the balance right. Does that even make sense?

So anyway, Happy New Year to you, Thanks for your visits and comments. I hope 2015 will be wonderful for you and your loved ones.

Emily x


6 thoughts on “New Year’s Day Reflections

  1. I really like your point that it is not necessary for input and output to be equal to have balance. I think if we realise this then maybe balance can be a little bitore achievable. Just to be able to make a little bit of time each day, or perhaps even each week when life is busy, is enough to keep us in a harmonious place. I’m pleased you had an inspiring 2014. Looking forward to what is ahead for you in 2015 xx


    1. Thanks Carolyn, I do feel like I am learning as I go with the whole balance thing, but it feels good to recognize what makes me happy and sometimes it might be that I just need to clean the house or do the BAS statement, other times I just want to potter creatively. I hope 2015 is great for you too xx


  2. I love your perspective and the visual representation. This is the best bit of a new year – plans, lists, excitement for all that is to come, but all with balance of course!


  3. I love your little visual map!
    I started think less about balance and more about flow, that helped me with things not being equal to necessarily be balanced.


  4. Happy New Year Emily! I love your doodly map – a bit like the mind maps we were drawing in Inspo Info. You are such a lovely, creative person that I’m sure 2015 will bring lots of happiness x


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