In the creativity sandpit!


I think I’m in the creativity sandpit and I’m loving it. Years ago the girls came home from school and told me about the digital sandpit, about just getting in there and playing with technology without fear so that you can learn and become more confident and skilled. Well, as I stood in the shower trying to compose a blog post it occurred to me that I have put myself in the middle of the creativity sandpit (and I’m loving it).

Last year when I cautiously dipped my toes in by enrolling in Pip Lincolne’s Inspiration Information course I had no idea that I would find myself right in the middle, playing to my hearts content, and sometimes seriously not wanting to get out when I’m supposed to. Ha Ha.

I had forgotten how much I love to create, to daydream, to imagine and play. That being spontaneous suits me (even if I am a bit rusty at it). So I’ve been chipping away at things that get in my way (like sending my Inner Critic on long service leave), or not being brave, or spending all my free time trying to be a domestic goddess ( which I never have been and never will be) and making creativity a big part of my life. Just like at Kinder when play was a big part of my day.

In order to do this I’ve just had to be a bit more organized, and it’s not always easy “playing” when people around you are “studying”, but I’m getting better at it. My family are adjusting to the “I’m busy playing” ,”I’ll just finish my instagram post”, “Can you please…..” so it’s all good!

As I wind this up i’m feeling like I’ve been doing all the talking, and about me. I’m sorry, How are you? Is 2015 starting out as you hoped and planned. I hope so. Here are a few things to read or do for inspiration (if you’re looking for some).

Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon

Brave Intuitive Painting by Flora Bowley

Lisa Congdon’s Sketchbook class on Creativebug

Sketchbooks class with Paul Heaston on Craftsy

One watercolour a day by Veronica Lawlor.

See you  next blog post, or on Instagram or Facebook.


10 thoughts on “In the creativity sandpit!

    1. Thank you so much Robyna! it certainly is fun being in the creative sandpit, and part of the fun is meeting other people that are there. Thanks for popping in here. Emily 🙂


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