Get Messy, one of my next creative challenges.


Saying yes to opportunities that inspire me and challenge me creatively seems to be a theme for me these days. So last year when I signed up for The Collage club , it was with a sense of adventure, of daring and risk taking. One good thing leads to another and through the Collage group I was inspired by someone who does art journaling, and then the opportunity came up to get involved with “get messy art journal challenge”. I like what I see here, there are several “teachers” who provide prompts and inspiration, there is no obligation and there seems to be a community aspect to it as well via Instagram.

So I subscribed to the emails and have been getting messy with some of their prompts over the last few weeks. I am actually quite excited about this, art journaling is something that really appeals to me but doesn’t come easily to me, not yet anyway! I have learnt that for me having some structure or framework for my creativity to fit into works for me, a bit of structure, a pinch of instruction and a liberal splash of inspiration mixed with some encouragement to taste LOL oh and a dash of accountability too.

I’m think I’m going to enjoy combining colour, words, collage, watercolour, drawing and different mediums plus some of my creative juice to come up with art journal page. I feel like the more I do the happier I am with what I’m coming up with. So here goes.

If you’re interested you could pop over here to find out more or search  #getmessyartjournal on instagram. Oh and in case you are wondering, yes I did buy a new art journal to use, surprise  surprise.

I hope you are getting some time to do things that make you happy too.



22 thoughts on “Get Messy, one of my next creative challenges.

  1. You certainly have been super creative Emily:) I like the sound of the Get Messy art journaling prompts. I started doing Journal 52 this year which sounds a bit similar. But hey you can never have too much inspiration and creativity on the go can you!! 🙂


  2. You are on fire Emily! So creative. It has been great to see how you have blossomed and become more confident in your creativity over the past year. This looks so much fun. Looking forward to continued inspiration and creativity here x


    1. Ha Ha Karen I am on fire, or on a roll as they say. t’s true, since doing Inspiration Information I do feel I have blossomed, and I love it. Thanks for your support x


    1. Thanks Lauren, I am excited already. I think when you feel this excited you know it’s the right thing. At least that’s how I operate anyway. Here’s to my next creative love affair lol


  3. Girl, I am going to stop reading your posts if you don’t keep giving me more things I want to do!!! Ha! Seriously, I am so pleased to have found some great ‘art’ classes to do, they are so beneficial. Are you doing the Tinkerlab sketchbook challenge in Feb? I hope so, I need someone to keep me on track x


    1. That’s funny catseatdogs Makes and Bakes. I looked at your jewellery and thought how lovely would it be to make things like that, maybe next decade lol. Oh and yes, the sketchbook challenge looks fun and I’ll give it a go ( at least it’s only one month hey). Here’s to being creative 365 days of the year. See you over on instagram 🙂


  4. Oh no! Another thing for me to look up. But seriously, that looks like it could be a lot of fun. I am loving following your creative journey Emily. Mine has been a bit on hold recently but I am itching to get back into it again. I’m also interested in the tinker lab sketchbook challenge that Clare mentioned. Will have to follow up on that as well. Did you do the piece above? I absolutely love it!


    1. Well Deb you have been rather busy with your new blog and that’s creative! No doubt I’ll be bombarding everyone with my creations, might see you in the sketchbook challenge??? Thanks for popping in, and yes that is a creation inspired by a get messy prompt.


    1. Oh thank you tanyaleekahler, I’ve loved your pages too (and your blog posts). I’m excited and a bit nervous too. I’m sure there will be some pages that aren’t share worthy but as long as I’m having fun and being creative it’s all good !

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    1. Thanks piapia, I did wake up this morning wondering if I am prattling on just a bit too much about me. I am excited about art journaling, I’ve always wanted to do it, but couldn’t seem to get started. Hope you enjoy checking it out. Emily x


    2. Thanks piapia, this morning I was wondering if I’ve been prattling on a bit too much about it, but I don’t feel like stopping just yet. Let me know how you go with your art journaling. I am sure there are lots of ways to go, whatever gets you going I say. Emily x


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