Five things I love about Instagram

image I’m having such fun over on Instagram, I’m finally getting what it’s all about (I think) or certainly what it can offer me.

This will be a super quick post so I’ll do it in list form.

5 Things I love about Instagram:

1. I get to see what my my Insta friends are doing, making or seeing.

2. I can say Hi, or comment in a flash, wherever I am, no logging in or remembering passwords.

3. I can share what I’ve been doing, making or seeing.

4.I can be a part of little Insta communities that are attached to the creative classes or challenges that I’m taking part in.

5. I’m “meeting” new people to be Instafriends with.

Here are some hashtags I’ve been :

#cbugsketchbook – after doing the Lisa Congdon sketchbook class at creativebug

#getmessyartjournal- because I’ve signed up for the getmessyartjournal challenge

#tinkersketch- oh yes my newbie, it’s for February, a sketch a day. Read more about it here Tinkerlab.

Check out @tinkerlab for details. It looks really fun and is open to all levels of ability. ie. Perfect!

#fmsphotoaday – because the daily prompts get me looking at my world each day .

#artjournaling #doodling #sketchbook #watercolour or whatever else I’m doing that day.

Do you love Instagram too? Hope to see you over there. Emily x


13 thoughts on “Five things I love about Instagram

  1. I love Instagram. It is so easy to follow practically anyone in the world, even celebrities, photographers, crafty-crushes, etc and you get a little window into their lives. You don’t have to be their friend but there is so much sharing going on! You can click their profile and see all their photos at a glance instead of sifting through status updates or random comments like you would on facebook or twitter. x


  2. I just realised how i found you on Instagram- the creative bug sketch hashtag as I did one week of the class so far (need to get on it again) and liked your pictures!!
    Deb from inner compass designs xxx


    1. That’s exactly what I’m talking about then! It’s been lovely to meet you over on Instagram, via creativebug. I hope you get a chance to do the other weeks soon. Emily 🙂


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