Feb-less and Feb-more

imageFor the last couple years I have been inspired by the Febfast campaign to cut out alcohol  for the month of February. This year though, I am trying something different and I’m calling it Feb-less. The point of Feb-less is for me challenge my habits in a positive and sustainable way. I plan to reduce the amount of days I drink alcohol, how many standard drinks I consume on those days and also to reduce my sugar intake. I’m going to try and make choices that lead me away from the habitual of reaching for sugar after lunch and dinner(and in between) and a glass of wine(or 2), 3-4 nights a week. I’m thinking of seeing how I can make sustainable changes, so that after February I can take some of my new habits with me into the rest of my life (or at least March lol).

Thinking about less got me thinking about more (I had also read a great post by Reannon a fellow blogger who had a more and less version of New Year’s Resolutions).  So if I’m having less alcohol and sugar what am I going to have more of. I’m actually working on this for 2015, but here’s a sampler of my list:

More whole and raw food, Less processed food

More water, Less alcohol and sugar

More organization, Less clutter

More  fun, less stress

More spontaneity, less procrastination.

How about you, are you a more and less or all or nothing sort?

I’m working out a way to track my progress, I’ll let you know how I go, wish me luck .

Emily x


26 thoughts on “Feb-less and Feb-more

  1. Sounds like a great idea. It is so easy to pour a glass of wine at the end of a busy day and I think it develops into a habit. Good luck with your more and less-I like the more fun less stress bit xx


  2. Cutting out alcohol will surely help. We have a rule or guideline in this house. No alcohol Mon-Thurs. I have been breaking it lately because I saw a skinny chick on FB say she has a glass every night. But my body doesn’t like it. Thanks for encouraging me to stick to my own way of doing things. It’s worked in the past.


  3. Great goals there! I love that you are focused on strong health outcomes. I am currently doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT – Started on Monday and I am working hard but having a ball so far. So I’m excited to hear how you go in Feb.
    I’m definitely a less is more girl. Always trying to minimise our belongings, stress, silly people in our lives etc haha.
    Good Luck!


  4. Sounds good Emily! I will keep my eagle eye on you tomorrow and make sure you make healthy choices! But in all seriousness, I think it is a great idea – I like not going completely cold turkey on an activity/substance but becoming conscious of your consumption/dependence upon it and trying to head yourself in a more moderated direction.


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