Liebster Awards : Connection, community, encouragement and gratitude.


Firstly I’d like to say thank you to my readers and commenters, without you I honestly don’t know If I’d still be blogging. Also firstly I would like to thank Pip Lincolne because without the Blog with Pip course I wouldn’t have even started a blog, oh and also firstly if I hadn’t done the Inspiration Information course I may not have had the courage to start a blog. And also firstly I would like to thank my family for supporting me on my blogging and creativity adventure, it would be a bit tricky without them behind me.

I’m feeling pretty fortunate right now because since I started blogging a few months ago I have received more than one Liebster awards. If you haven’t heard of them the Liebster award is like a little pat on the back from one blogger to another, and encouragement from fellow blogger is like a comment multiplied by a random number. It made me feel happy and connected and grateful.

I wasn’t sure why I was starting a blog, I just had a desire to have a go. My blog is growing with me. I read somewhere that someone was growing their creativity, well that’s what I am doing. Exploring my creativity, getting to know it, spending time with it and watching it grow. My blog is part of that and it is about connection. I’m learning that connecting with other people doing similar things, or people I just like “being around” is great.

Lucky for me as a beginner blogger that I have so many people around who support, inspire and encourage me.

I’m breaking the rules with my Liebster award. I’m going to instead of following the guidelines, do the following:

1. Thank the lovely and talented bloggers that nominated me and give them a Liebster from me.

2. Answer 3 random questions about me (because you read enough about me here already)

3. Put links to just some great blogs I like to visit ( and it’s only some and it’s to be continued)

4. Ask you, my readers if you’d like to tell me three things about you.

So here goes, Thank you Reannon at She Who Rambles,  Tash at Stuff from the Suburbs, Lisa Berson,  Emily at Not so Nanna and Pia at These woven words . It was so kind of you to nominate me and yes I like your blogs too! Consider yourself reciprocally nominated x

1. What’s your favourite drink: Tea (orange pekoe, but decaf most of the day)

2. Best book you’ve read recently – ‘Steal Like an Artist’ by Austin Kleon

3.What’s the last thing you made: Well apart from my cup of tea and buttermilk pancakes, I did sew a little cover for my moleskine sketchbook this week and I am filling sketchbooks, notebooks and artjournals quicker than I imagine possible (and liking what I’m seeing in them too).

I’m going to award just two liebster awards today to two new bloggers who I think are doing a great job of beginning blogging, finding their voice,style and niche whose blogs I try not to miss reading a post from! Honey and Ginger and Little Green Bike. Consider yourself Liebstered x

So here we go here’s some other blogs I regularly visit and some new to me ones aswell:

Paper cranes and Daisy Chains, Handmadeandhome, Girl Fifteen, One small life, Katie Tymms, Lila Wolff, The chronic-ills of Rach, I give you the verbs, Sewcraftygoodness, Inner Compass DesignsTheDrawing board , Bird and Fox, Days Careen, Rare Pear Studio , Leaf and Petal and The Magpie Diaries. Phew!

Now to have a cup of tea xx


10 thoughts on “Liebster Awards : Connection, community, encouragement and gratitude.

  1. Done with aplomb! Congrats on your nominations Emily! What a lovely thing to shout out to so many. Thanks for the link to the Chronic-ills of Rach. I love meeting new visitors! Can’t wait to see a pic of your new moleskine journal cover. 🙂 You clever thing!


    1. That’s funny I was going to put in a little photo of it, but got a bit exhausted after I accidentally changed pages,lost all the links and had to redo them. Oh well, could be a future post. Thanks Rachel 🙂


  2. Congratulations and thanks for the mention too. I have so enjoyed getting to know you through your blog, insta and our creative interests too. xx


  3. Great post and thanks for the mention Emily! I love the idea of ‘growing our creativity’ through blogging. It’s just doing it, it’s finding the magic, and it’s the wonderful community. Love it. And I can’t get enough of Austin Kleon just now xx


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