Getting organized to get messy.

image“Unless you try something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love that quote, it seems to be my theme these days.

This week the get messy art journal challenge kicked off. I thought I was ready…

I’m a complete beginner and I thought I’d throw myself in the deep end by signing up for this challenge, knowing that some structure, prompts, tutorials and the company(and inspiration) of other art journallers  would be just what I need to help me learn how to artjournal. Well I still think that, but now I know it might be a little more challenging than I had anticipated.

I had my art journal and supplies ready and I managed to find a window of time to sit down and work with the prompts. I was sitting there looking at my art journal and prompts thinking what now…..aarrgh! Blank page syndrome threatened to paralyse me. So I sat with that uncomfortable feeling and just started scribbling some ideas down, then some more and some doodles. Nothing made it to the art journal, I packed things into a to be continued pile.

The next day I followed on and made a page. Phew, one page down. Then I happened to read a really helpful comment on process in the private getmessy facebook group and I felt more equipped to start my next page. Anyhow, I’m learning that:

I think I prefer  alone time without interruption to get into that really creative zone.

Once I get there, it kind of feeds of itself, and ideas start popping up all over the place.

That some of my pages will be too personal to share and that’s ok( you might be breathing a sigh of relief lol).

And that to get messy I’m going to have to get organized and schedule in time on my days off whilst I have the house to myself ( whereas I can doodle in the midst of mayhem).

So I’ll share my pages here sometimes, sometimes on Instagram and sometimes only with my cat. I wonder how I’ll be feeling about my artjournalling this time next year?

Emily x

p.s These are my first two pages done with get messy prompts, Season 1 is Love, I still have one more prompt to do before next weeks prompts are out. Maybe this weekend I’ll whip up another page.

True Love
True Love



12 thoughts on “Getting organized to get messy.

  1. Yay – go you for getting some pages started and done. I love your ‘heart’ tree and the idea of the journalling over a lovely background. I’ll be spending some time this weekend on my pages xx


  2. Your pages are gorgeous. I know what you mean by having alone time as these prompts are deep and you need time to digest and think and feel. Doodling is definitely different and safer somehow. I’ll be giving my pages a go on the weekend too 💝


  3. Your pages are lovely Emily. So impressed. Blank page syndrome! I know it well. I think you’re right about the time alone factor. It makes such a difference. I seem to never be able to find that. You’re doing great!


  4. Your pages look great! One of the things that I do to beat blank page syndrome is to just do a loose all over background. Just grab paint or ink or a stamp pad and smear it all over the spread. I thend to just do a whole batch of backgrounds in my art journal(s) when I feel stuck. It is also a productive thing to do when you want to create but don’t have a lot of time or brain space. I also like to work in altered books as my art journal because then you have already done background/bottom layer and never really have a blank page to start with. 😊


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