Getting Messy : week three


It’s a funny thing this art journaling, the prompts and art prompts kind of float around in my brain. Sometimes ideas come straight away, but then even days later I’ll find myself thinking about them, or I’ll have an idea to add a little something to a page. That’s one of the great things too, I can, because pages don’t have to be complete.

It does feel a little awkward sharing them, I feel maybe a little bit too exposed. This weeks prompts had me writing some love letters and they are personal. So I’m sharing snippets of my pages and also saying that I think love letters have a kind of power or magic. Something about taking the time to write them, saying how you feel on paper, letting the recipient read instead of listen and then reread if they so desire.

Writing to myself had me feeling slightly uncomfortable , I had to give away the idea of sharing so that I could be myself. That worked and now I have a love letter to me. Still not sure if I’ll post it, eeek sitting on the fence here. I’ll see how I feel in the morning when the light is right for taking photos of my pages.




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