Hello March


How can it be march already? February was just very busy around here, there was lots of fun but also there were some moments of overwhelm. I’m ready for a new month, I’m thinking about what’s going to be different, what went well last month and what I think could be better.

My Feb-less went well I think, but somewhere along the way I realised it was a bit too flexible and broad to measure how I was going. So what I’m taking away is the knowledge that with changing habits I need to be more specific, perhaps choose less and put a system in place to be accountable/ measurable. I’m continuing on in March I’ve got a few ideas already and knowing me will have some more!

Also I don’t think I want to be nattering on here about how many glasses of water I’ve drunk, or squares of chocolate or wine free days. Here is my space to chat about creative and fun things. It does kind of fit together in that I’m creating the life I want to lead , I’m learning, exploring, trying new things, making time daily to do what I love and good health is part of the picture for me. Health, family/relationships and creativity.

So in this  month of March:

I’ll be dipping in and out of tinkersketch

Joining in with GirlFifteen in practicing  Hand Lettering, looking for Inspiration in Pinterest and completing this hand lettering course

Continuing to art journal in the get messy art journal group

Going to my watercolour class each week

Sketching and doodling

Doing a collage (it’s been too long and I feel very rusty)

Probably adding to this list (ha ha)

There will be trips to the library ( some books will have to go back and that will be sad!), reading and bookmarking,walking and wandering, perusing and pondering, daydreaming and scheming.

I’m excited , let’s go!


3 thoughts on “Hello March

  1. let’s go, indeed, Emily! I’m looking forward to more tinkersketching and hoping I can tackle some lettering too! I’m enjoying flexing the creative side of my brain. With excessive early school starts on the horizon, I’m looking forward to starting my day with some meditation and drawing before the family hits the kitchen! Enjoy March!


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