Get Messy: week 4



This weeks art journal prompts from the Get Messy team had me thinking, googling and stressing a tiny bit that I wouldn’t be able to come up with  a single page. I had some ideas but they didn’t feel like me. But I have made the commitment to give it a go, so I sat down with some music playing and I actually got an idea. It’s not strictly one of the prompts but certainly is inspired by one of them.

I had made a few background pages on the weekend after watching a colour blocking tutorial (in the get messy private blog), so then I just set to and did some hand lettering to complete the page. Well that was the plan, but after that, I felt a little washi tape was required and after that I felt inspired to do a little secret journaling which I wrote on a coloured scribbler page and made it look like a little envelope…..Done.

It didn’t stop there though, I found myself reflecting on the words “Be the change” and instead of feeling overwhelmed by things on a global scale I was thinking about my family, our home and my life. I found myself feeling inspired and energized to be the change on a small scale, I know it sounds so silly but I got busy doing some extra little things for the people I love and making our home look closer to the way I like it to look (I tidied up) and later in the day I came back to my creative pursuits. It was a great day.

I signed up to get messy to be challenged, to learn about art journaling and to be inspired, well this week it certainly ticked all three!

Thank you to Mahatma Ghandi for your wonderful and powerful quote and to the Get Messy team.

Emily x


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