Get messy: week 5

image“From little things, big things grow”

Thinking about the prompts takes me longer than I thought, I need time to mull them over, and then a little bit more time. So I haven’t completed all the prompts for this week or any week, but this is what I came up with his week.

I was reflecting on love ( because it’s the season of love here at get messy), and on who taught me about love. So firstly I was thinking of my Mum and some of what she taught me, then I thought, ooh  I better not leave out my Dad on the off chance that he ever pops over to read my blog, then my childhood pets, and my stupid first boyfriend ( doubtful he should ever stumble here ), then my husband who may take a peek, but probably won’t and  then of course my children(big teachers and potential blog readers).

All of these people have taught me about love, everyone I’ve ever loved has taught me, loving has taught me. I was thinking about being a mum myself and what I have taught my daughters(and learnt from them), about how much learning ahead they have and on it kept going. See what I mean , these prompts get me thinking and perhaps overthinking. I came back to my art journal two days later. I determined to at least do one page a week.

Weirdly enough I started singing the line from this song in my head. And that was it, a simple page with some watercolour because I am loving learning about watercolour and playing with it and the this line. ” from little things, big things grow”. Because for me that’s true, the little acts of love, words said , time taken or spent, care taken and love demonstrated that grow into big love. And children grow up, and my creativity is growing , so yeah it seemed like a perfect fit.

Thanks to Paul Kelly for the song.



9 thoughts on “Get messy: week 5

  1. It’s true, and unexpected, Emily! I have found I need more time to process the prompts too. I think that’s ok, I have learned something about myself, which is as important.

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  2. I am the same way but sometimes I think I OVERthink instead of just going with the flow and seeing where my first thoughts take me. Have to work on that. You are doing great. I am enjoying your creativity so please keep sharing.


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