Get messy:week 6

imageThis week my schedule was rudely interrupted by necessary adult duties of attending a first aid course for my entire day off! I was a bit grumpy about it even thought the course itself was actually pretty good and I do think more people should know first aid. Why don’t they teach it in schools? Anyway, I printed the prompts on Monday night but it wasn’t till Saturday that I got to do anything with them except think about them.

Turns out, that was actually a good thing ( like typing this post and then accidentally deleting it ha ha). I had all week to think about the prompts and somewhere along the way managed to make them my own. I packed a little bag of art journal supplies to take away with us to the beach, added to it with some finds from the local op shop ( including a gardening magazine from 1972) and after lunch set myself up and away I went.

So there I was with my family around me, music on, with a purpose, and the pages I did are maybe my favourites so far. I feel they are closer to what my art journaling style may be and they are expressing something that is true for me right now. Yay for progress with my creativity and art journaling!

I’m having a break this weekend from social media, so I just took photos and I’m typing this on my mini iPad at 7am (while everyone else is still asleep) to upload later when we are home . After this I’ll have another cuppa and enjoy listening to the birds, the closest I get to meditation at the moment !

Next week I’m participating in my first ever blog hop and after enthusiastically signing up I’m actually feeling a little bit nervous. I’ll be sharing some of my favourite pages and some things I’ve learnt along the way . Plus I’ll be linking to 7 other get messy art journalers ( I’ll find out who this week and get busy checking out their blogs). I hope you’ll pop back and have a look.

This  week’s prompts were the last in this “season” of prompts based on love. I have a couple of weeks to catch up, and get ready for the next season  (wonder what that will be?).

Thanks for stopping by.

Emily x

p.s I’ve changed my mind I’m going to publish it now . Is blogging social media ? Oops if it is !


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