One + four = LIFE (Bloggers meet up)

I don’t think I can write about my meet up with  some of the Melbourne Blog with Pip students and Pip Lincolne without sounding completely overenthusiastic and gushy. I will try though and see how I go.

1. Pretty Butterflies at the museum

If someone had told me one year ago that I would be writing a blog post about catching a train to Melbourne to meet up with and hang out with people I’d met doing the Blog with Pip course (including Pip Lincolne), I couldn’t have believed it. I hadn’t even thought of having a blog! Not only that, but this isn’t the first meet up I’ve had. I have also met up with a friend I’ve made doing the Inspiration Information course and we had  a lovely day, chatting and wandering around Melbourne. And I’ve lunched with some local “pipsters” too.

2. Colour, angles and sunshine.

A year ago, I wouldn’t have believed that you could meet people online, real people, who are lovely and like some of the things that I do, or have similar ideas about things. People whose blogs I happily read, photos I enjoy seeing on Instagram. People who I chat to on Facebook, or write snail mail letters to. We met, and strolled through the museum look at all sorts of interesting things. We chatted as we went and then over cuppas with a copy of Pip’s new book on the table, then we walked , took more photos and chatted more. And  when it was time to say goodbye, I didn’t feel quite ready for it to be over.

Being online, learning and starting a blog have been such great things in my life. I’m feeling very fortunate and very happy.

3. Sneak peek at Pip’s new book, but I was too excited to take any of it in. Must pre-order my copy this week.
3.Smiling bloggers. Taken by a willing passer by with Pip Lincolne’s camera. (thanks Pip and random photographer).

So this weeks four photos are dominated by my BWP meet up but another highlight was a visit from my brother  and my eight year old my niece. We went and saw 26 storey tree house( a play based on one of her favourite books) it was pretty funny. I loved hearing all the little kids laughing at the fart jokes! I think she summed up quite well when she described it as ” ludicrous” .

I think I’ll be joining in with Pip’s clever idea to choose four photos for the week, sometimes I will just post over on  Instagram. You can find out more about one plus four =life at Meet Me at Mikes  if you want to join in too.

ps. one more, just because I can and I’m feeling like a rebel today!

pps. Here’s the roll call of the the people in the photo. I have copied this list from Jacqui at birdandfox,Thanks Jacqui !

Jacqui bird and fox
Yvette – bear loves dove
Naomi-  naomibulger
Carly – Tune Into Radio Carly
Pip – Meet Me At Mike’s
Kate – One Small Life
Michelle – Girl Gone Home


Happy Feet. I’m so glad my feet are in this photo and they are wearing comfy walk all around Melbourne from the Museum to Flinders St. via Eckersleys and Daiso shoes!

14 thoughts on “One + four = LIFE (Bloggers meet up)

  1. What a lovely post! Sounds like a special day. It is amazing, isn’t it, how you can meet such a wonderful, giving group of people online? I’ve so enjoyed our little Inspo group and IG friends. Looking forward to catching up with you again x


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