Squiggle and swirl sketch 

 I started a daily sketch challenge, Eek ….excited !!! I thought I’d be relieved that two consecutive months of the tinkersketch challenge ended yesterday , but I wasn’t. The thing is that the daily prompts inspired me to do something nearly very day! I really want to be able to draw better and EVERY book I read or online class I take say it’s all  about practice .

So I made this challenge for myself ( inspiration struck at 6am and I went with it). I want to be able to do little sketches of what is around me, so that’s what I based the prompts on.

Knowing me, I will miss a couple of days, and try to play catch up. I might not share every sketch I do, because they might be too embarrassing to share. But that’s ok, as long  as I sketch more, it’s all good.

Please join in if it appeals to you, either on Instagram using the #squiggleandswirlsketch, in the privacy of your own sketchbook or on the nearest scrap of paper.

Emily 🙂

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