One + Four=Life :Family, Crochet, Autumn,Watercolour


So after the very inspiring visit to the museum last weekend I decided that my family “needed” to see the Year 12 Art exhibition too. As you can see from this photo, the amount of times I get to plan our day trips and family adventures could be limited. So in my inspired, spontaneous and slightly bossy fashion I planned for us to visit the Melbourne Museum on our way home from Easter family visiting. I also included the lure of a visit to a Lush shop and the possibility of gelato in Lygon St. We spent three hours at the Museum, I saw so many different things to last weeks visit, and it was just great having an outing as a family. ( Happy family = Happy Mumma and vice versa).


I’m feeling inspired to have another try at learning to crochet. So I got out my little bag, and threw the crochet hook and some wool in to take with me to Melbourne( Hugo thought he’d try too). The little bag, I made a couple of years ago using a pattern from the Meet me at Mikes book, and the scarf I do a few rows on each winter ha ha.


I borrowed a fantastic book (Water Paper Paint by Heather Smith Jones) about watercolour from the Library so I’ve got lots of inspiration for painting and this one I did very early this morning. Gotta love your library.

It’s Easter Sunday and it’s Autumn, so autumn leaves, walnuts from our tree, acorns and chocolate bunnies and eggs are about! I used these for my daily sketch.

It’s only my second week of joining in with Pip Lincolne’s One + Four = Life, but I’m really enjoying it.

I hope you leave here feeling inspired to take a photo of your life, get out your paints, visit your library, buy some wool or drag your family to something you want to see! Oh and that you’ll pop back and tell me all about it.

Thanks for reading.

Emily x


16 thoughts on “One + Four=Life :Family, Crochet, Autumn,Watercolour

  1. It’s good to get out, isn’t it? Hoping to maybe do a Comedy a Festival outing with our two next week. Rob and I went to a Wil Anderson last night and had a good ol’ laugh! Pleased to see you getting out the wool. I’ve just started a new blanket which will probably get a showing on IG at some point! And i enjoyed popping to Riot and stocking up on some watercolours at their 50% off sale! Used these for today’s painting. Think that’s my four activities in words rather than photos!

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    1. Do you know I don’t think I’ve ever been to the comedy festival! That’s something that will have to change. I had forgotten about Riots sale, but that is probably a good thing. I’m looking forward to seeing what you create with wool,and oh my goodness your sketches are just so good. Thanks for commenting it is nice to not be having a one sided conversation.


      1. Oh you have to go to rhe Comedy Festival! Such fun nights and great spirit – everyone is happy! And you can take your glass of bubbles into the theatre! Gaining confidence with my sketches. Having lots of fun there!


  2. Hey Emily! I just found your blog via a link on Bird and Fox. So glad you enjoyed the Melbourne Museum with your family 🙂 I used to work there, it’s a great place isn’t it, full to the brim with interesting stuff. Good luck with your crochet project…it’ll definitely be worth all the effort I reckon. And your water colour painting is beautiful! I’m enjoying One + Four = Life, such a good snapshot into the week that was. x Isabel


    1. Hi Isabel , how fun is blog hopping. It’s so good of you to leave a comment, something I am doing more of lately too. It must have been great working at the museum. I agree, the weekly snap shot is great. ( and quite easy to do) . Emily 🙂


  3. I must go to the Melbourne museum one of these days-You are a regular now! Great that you spent time there with your family. I love your pussycat patting the wool photo. If you lived nearby I could teach you how to crochet-wouldn’t that be fun? Nice water colour painting and autumn is the best:)


  4. I love your watercolour painting – so pretty. All those colours together = gorgeous. I am glad you went back to the museum. We all talked all the way around when we went, didn’t we? It was a bit hard to actually LOOK at stuff (but I still LOVED it!) x


    1. It was so great to share with my family and also see new things ( and think about what a lovely time we all had chatting away for the morning). Such a great idea of yours! We’ve decided we just need more Melbourne visits. Thanks for popping in Pip . Emily x


  5. I love your images Emily and so want to join in with this one + four thing. This week for sure! My library has just moved to a snazzy new building so I think I’m going to check for some watercolour inspiration. I love that it is autumn for you at Easter just as for me it signals Spring. Can’t wait to see your crochet! xx


  6. I love all of these photos! That is one big tree. I am still struggling with my crochet ambitions, but I am determined to keep going! I am sure that watercolor book is in our library, and I am going to look for it today. I decided to paint my kitchen this week, but I would rather be painting watercolors!!


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