It’s May Already! Daily Creativity is so great.


Wow, three months of nearly everyday sketching! Tinkersketch x2 and squiggleandswirl sketch. Phew, I actually do feel a little relieved to have a bit of pressure off, but also so glad I’ve done it. When I look back at all my little sketches and creations I feel quite pleased with myself. I think I can see that I am improving a little bit and that I have my own style emerging.

So moving forward I have learnt that daily practice makes a difference, showing up and doing the “work” or in my case play is helping me find my style and develop my skills. Doing something creative every day makes me happy.

So here’s what I’m doing or trying to fit in at the moment:

Art journaling with the Get Messy art journal challenge–  aiming for one page a week.

Half way through 30 days of Collage with Stephanie Levy. This course is fantastic, there is information and inspiration overload going on for me, but the great thing is I have access to the course material for 12 months. Every day there is a new tutorial and an interview with a collage artist , and then links to other collage artists! I’m enjoying learning and trying new things, Oh my goodness though our home is being taken over by my creative endeavours. If you haven’t tried collage, let me tell you it can be MESSY, it can bring out the hoarder in you and old books at the op shop become very appealing.

A weekly watercolour class with local artist.  She is wonderful and inspiring and I leave every class with ideas, something new to do, see or try and feeling happy and grounded.

I’ve started watching a drawing class by Heather Ross over on creative bug.

I’m doing #100daysofrandomcreativity over on Instagram to join in with the 100 day project by The Great Discontent and Ella Luna. I chose a random theme because honestly everything is kind of blending for me these days.

Oh and joining in with Debra over at Inner Compass Designs today with her Creativity tree link up. Where people can share their creative stories.I found Inner compass designs somehow on Instagram and really like popping in on her blog about creativity and intentional living.

So now it’s time to find some sort of routine to fit my creativity into ( knowing as I write this that that will not be happening ha ha). No I’ll just keep puddling along doing what I can when I can and trying to stay on top of things at least most of the time. Ok, now I’m at the stage where I feel I have been prattling on too long. Thanks for reading till the end. Feel free to let me know what fun things you have been up to or if daily creativity is part of your life (or you’d like it to be).

Happy Weekend,

Emily x

p.s if you happened to read my last post, I am beyond happy to tell you that being brave has really paid off. I have had a really great chat with my Dad and I feel like we are back on track and being authentic. YAY!


20 thoughts on “It’s May Already! Daily Creativity is so great.

  1. You are kicking goals in the creativity fulfillment stakes Emily, it is so great! I totally agree with you about your developing style too. I love that you are doing water colour classes, I have been thinking about that too, once I have my new roster done I hope to go on one of my days off.
    I also really like your collage of the comfy chair 🙂
    Have a arty weekend lovely xx Tash


  2. Love that watercolour of th chair. So good. You are doing loads of things right now. Love that you did random creativity for the 100 days. I decided not to join in because I cannot even stick to one thing for a month let alone 100 days but could have broadened my category for the 100 days lol next time. Xx


    1. It felt a little bit like cheating being so vague, but yes I am doing lots and I need to not get overwhelmed. Thanks for popping in ! Your creativity tree is such a great idea Deb .


  3. Wow – you’ve achieved so much and sound so happy for it too! I’m loving following your journey of being brave and being creative everyday xx


    1. Thanks Lisa , I’ve just popped over and had a quick look at your blog too. Wow, lots to look at . I loved the interview with your daughter, just priceless. Emily 🙂


  4. Love that you are doing art every day – it’s something I’m about to start! Look forward to seeing more of what you get up to.
    Found you via the Creativity Tree x


  5. Found you via The Creativity Tree 🙂
    I’ve been thinking about creating some kind of a routine / plan around my crochet beyond hooking daily (not hard as it’s so addictive!) – there’s so much I want to do and learn that sometimes I can almost feel overwhelmed with desires and ideas. I read a blog post the other day on this topic and I think I am going to at least write down my goals for the year in terms of projects I want to complete and specific things I want to learn before the year is out. Nice to have an excuse for another pretty notebook too 😉


    1. That’s a great idea to write things down. I know what you mean about being overwhelmed with desires and ideas. I do jot lots of things down too, even if I can’t do them all it feels good to have them on paper. Thanks Pam 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks aparenting life. It does feel great, although perhaps sometimes a little bit crazy.Still I don’t think I can go back, I’m enjoying myself too much!


  6. Stopping by from Deb’s Creativity Tree….oh my goodness you are busy! I did the first month of Tinkersketch and loved it! I loved that it got me into creating differently, I’ve never done too much sketching/drawing/painting and I loved having the daily prompts to help me along. I should go back and do the second month she posted. I too am doing the 100 day challenge, although I am not creating for it really, instead I am takinga picture a day from our every day moments as a way to document the everyday routine we have. I am going to go check out the link you gave for the get messy art journal challenge!


    1. Thanks for stopping by Jen. Tinkersketch was fun. I like your idea of photos of everyday moments. Today I took a photo of our dog enjoying the autumn leaves.


    2. Thanks for stopping by Jen and taking the time to comment. I think this creativity tree is going to be a fun thing too. I really like your idea of capturing everyday moments for 100 days. I’m popping over now to visit your blog. Emily 🙂


  7. I think this goal is valuable. I always feel better when I’m making time to nurture my creativity, though darn if it isn’t hard to put it on the back burner sometimes.


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