One plus four = Life. Autumn Joy, Collage and Creative mess.


Oops, my great intentions of doing this four photo weekly post ( inspired by Pip Lincolne , you can join in too if you like) have slipped to the bottom of the to do pile. Last week was quite busy with parenting duties and work commitments. I felt a bit sad when I realised that there aren’t any photos of my family. We are at that stage where we mainly take photos on occasions or holidays which is kind of sad because I won’t have enough to look back on and remember these days.

These days of rushed mornings, school drop offs,  afternoon tea followed by homework filled afternoons. Teenagers reading and studying and instagraming. Walking our scruffy dog, washing our scruffy dog, and watching episodes of Gilmore Girls together. There was a fundraising concert, dancing, late night hot chips, a spontaneous sleepover and croissants for breakfast. They are precious times and writing this post will hopefully motivate me to take some images more often of our daily life.

In the mean time last week at least I did get some images of things I created and some Autumn beauty and joy. 1. Autumn leaves and light on an afternoon walk. 2. Collage mess, somewhere under there is our table! 3. a quirky little collage I made 4. The sky as I waited outside school doing an after rehearsal pick up. I really am loving Autumn this year.

Lets see if I can do this again next week. I hope you get a chance to take some images of your week too.

Emily 🙂


8 thoughts on “One plus four = Life. Autumn Joy, Collage and Creative mess.

  1. Hi Emily! I just clicked through from Pip’s Linkup and realised we have already been chatting today via The creative tree! Fancy coming full circle! My table often looks like yours.. organised creative chaos! I love the autumn skies at the moment too, although not enjoying the cooler weather. Have a great week 🙂


    1. That’s funny Ruthie, I’ ve visited you on Instagram but not your blog yet. Tomorrow I plan on visiting all the branches on last weeks creativity tree 🙂 p.s my table still looks like that .


    1. Thanks Clare, yes it is getting cold. The colours around though are so beautiful.
      Soon it will be cold and grey, but not inside with my creative mess lol!


  2. Beautiful photos Emily, and your ‘creative mess’ is definitely inspiring me! I love autumn but am rejoicing in spring just now xx


    1. Thanks Rebecca , the mess is getting a bit out of control but I am loathed to put it away! I also don’t want to hide myself away in another room. Glad my mess has inspired you ! Xx


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