One plus four=life: Walks, Aprons, Mother’s Day and Crochet.

imageThis weeks 1+4=Life  images are just a selection from many taken this week, but lots of those have my new haircut or family members who may not appreciate having their faces plastered onto my little blog.

Autumn afternoon walks

Walking our dog, she loves rustling through autumn leaves (but isn’t fussy about seasons or location), she just loves to walk.

Aprons aplenty

Some of the wonderful Aprons on display at the Ballarat Apron Festival, just one of the great things that were on as part of the Ballarat Heritage Weekend.

Mother’s Day

This year we gave our Mother’s (including me), Baby Bundles which are a gift to new Mother’s in remote Papua New Guinea. I also scored an “attention voucher” from my girls with treats from them to me like a pedicure and a massage.

Crochet progress

I had a lovely Mother’s Day with my family and we were lucky enough to have both our Mum’s with us for the day. I made my favourite lemon cake and even got some crochet done( and taught my Mum how to crochet), then finished the day with 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls… so basically a perfect day.

Maybe I can get on a roll and do 1+4=Life  again next week too . If you want to join in too head over to Meet Me at Mikes.



4 thoughts on “One plus four=life: Walks, Aprons, Mother’s Day and Crochet.

  1. How amazing – an Apron Festival!!? I actually love aprons (though don’t wear them often) and also collect old/vintage tea towels from my travels. I always plan to make something else from them but can’t bring myself to cut them up! You’re doing so well with your crochet too – love the colours and pattern xx


    1. The apron festival was run in conjunction with the Ballarat Heritage weekend, which if I wasn’t so busy doing creative things I would write a blog post about. I have some old tea towels too which I bought to make things with, but also can’t bear to chop up. Thanks for the crochet encouragement Rebecca x


    1. Thanks Clare, I am enjoying the crochet are you? I find the solid squares a little easier without colour changes and with less loose ends waving around that I’ll have to deal with later. The multi-coloured ones look the prettiest though 🙂


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