30 days of collage

imageI started writing a thank you email to Stephanie Levy for her 30 days of collage course which I have been taking. The note was getting too long and I decided to make it into a small blog post.


Up until last year the only collage I had done was probably in Kindergarten with those shiny squares of coloured paper and a pot of clag. Then one of the exercises in the wonderful Inspiration Information online course run by Pip Lincolne involved making collages with cut up magazines. I found that to be a really fun thing to do, and from there joined a facebook collage group where I have been inspired to make a collage each month based on a theme. The inspiration and support in the group has been invaluable. Since then I’ve done a couple of online classes with creative bug and I’ve looked at lovely collages on Pinterest, but I felt a bit stuck. I knew I wanted to do more collage, but it wasn’t flowing for me.


Someone shared the information for 30 days of collage on Instagram, and I looked at it and thought about it and thought about it some more, the rest is history. I’m really so glad I signed up. Stephanie Levy has put together a fabulous course with an amazing volume of content. 30 daily tutorials, 30 interviews with Collage artists a private Facebook group for sharing, support and inspiration an online presence via Facebook and Instagram.

The interviews with Collage artists have introduced me to so many different artists and styles of collage. Each artist also linked to some of their favourite artists and websites, and I haven’t caught up with all of them yet. The little snap shots into artists lives has been so refreshing. I still need to jot down some of my favourites ( or save links to their blogs).

I haven’t done every tutorial yet, some of them I have merged together, because that’s what creative minds do right? I feel like I am overflowing with ideas , inspiration and energy. I’m not sure what my style is yet, but I can kind of see it will develop if I just keep going and that’s exactly what I plan to do. I still have access to the course materials for the rest of the year. I have a stash of collage fodder that is ever increasing and I’m enjoying the process of collecting, cutting, arranging and glueing more than ever!

The funny thing is that the collage is spilling over into my art journaling, and even into my planner. I haven’t done as as many Art journaling pages this month, but the plan is to get back to that this weekend. And just so I can cross one other thing of my list I am going to add a link to this post over at Inner Compass Designs on Debra’s creativity tree. Celebrating creativity and community and creating. I enjoyed the last link up I was in, I just need to allow extra time to see what other people are up to (adds to to do list).

So THANK YOU Stephanie and thanks readers for reading. I hope if you have read this far that you are feeling inspired to do some collaging. The great thing is you can start with whatever you have on hand!


I have shared  a few of my favourite collages  inspired by the course. I’m going to keep my collages in a pinterest folder here, Here is the 30daysof collage pinterest board and a few people have shared over on Instagram using the #30daysofcollage.

Emily 🙂

p.s Another thank you to one of my Creative pals, the creative and talented collage artist Karen who very kindly and generously gave me some goodies for my stash to help me get over my aversion to cutting up books( lets see if it works). You can see Karen’s collages on her blog Leaf and Petal or over on Instagram,



10 thoughts on “30 days of collage

  1. I’ve really lived looking at your developing collages Emily! I’ve had a quick look at the course and it looks great. Hoping I can fit it in with my other stuff too. And I love the thought of being able to get a window into the lives of different artists.


    1. It is tricky fitting it all in sometimes isn’t it? But what a great problem to have ! Hope you have a creative weekend Carolyn and thanks for popping in x


  2. Thanks for the shout out Emily. You HAVE been busy! The course sounds amazing and it is so good that it has flowed through to your art journalling. I love learning about other artists journeys and inspiration. It often sets you off on another track or just inspires you to do better. x


  3. It has been fun watching you work on your collages and share them – it is one of the things i plan t o do as a monthly focus this year. will definitely think about taking Stephanie’s course when i do it. would certainly give me focus for each day. xx


    1. Thanks Debra, I’m enjoying collage more than I thought I would even. I really like your idea of monthly focus, I seem to be juggling a lot, so time management/ planning could be my next focus! Or I could embrace my erratic, sporadic, spontaneous nature 🙂


  4. You’re a continual inspiration Emily! I love your colourful collages and also your more pastel tones and the mix of collage, art journaling and watercolour. It’s impossible to stop different creative pursuits spilling into each other isn’t it? Keep it up! xx


    1. That’s funny I just left a comment in your blog and you inspire me! The overflowing of creative things into each other and into my life is what I am celebrating at the moment , so good! xx


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