One + four = life : Colour, collage,cat and creative weekends away.

imageBefore I start I’d like to ask, How are you and how was your week? Did you have anytime to do some things you wanted to, cross some things of your to do list, spend time with people you like? I am really enjoying writing blog posts, but sometimes I feel a little bit  like it’s all about me and if you met me in real life you’d know that I’m not like that, I’d be wanting to know about you too.

Learning about colour.

This week in my watercolour class I was making a big colour chart with watercolour pencils and learning more about colour along the way. I love learning about colour and colouring lots of squares was quite relaxing. Hopefully I can share the finished product next Sunday.

Mini art journal meets collage.

I got to try some more new collage techniques and combine them with my art journaling, or creative journaling. I also enrolled to do a class over at Big Picture classes called Art journaling 101 by Caylee  and Lauren  and felt so inspired after it to keep pursuing the art journaling (starting that night!). Lots of useful information for a beginner like me. I have a free month and can see that will keep me busy learning new things.

Can I come too? I like creative weekends at the beach.

Lucky me got to go away for the weekend with my good friend on our annual creative retreat. It started as a scrapbooking retreat years ago but has morphed into a creative/relaxing/ drinking wine and chatting weekend. I was a bit reluctant to get out my lap top and face the overwhelm of being so far behind, but to my surprise after a while found that I could just enjoy the creative process of making a digital scrapbook of some of our photos. I also  noticed that it was a bit like collage. This is our cat who looks like he wanted to come to!

Beach walking bliss.

One of my favourite things to do is walk on the beach in the morning, and this is one of my favourite places. Beach walks are just the best don’t you think?

So now to prepare for the busy week ahead. I hope you have a good one too.


p.s 1+4 = life is a Pip Lincolne inspired post. I’m enjoying this idea so much, thanks Pip 🙂


6 thoughts on “One + four = life : Colour, collage,cat and creative weekends away.

  1. Hello! I had a great but busy week. I especially enjoyed cooking up a storm for my nephew’s first birthday party – it was very appreciated! A creative weekend with a girlfriend sounds blissful!


  2. Thanks for asking. I had a good week. A friend made me pakoras on a rainy day, I got to ride my bike finally and managed to BBQ twice this weekend. I love your idea to do a creative retreat! I’ve been yearning to set up a crafty hangout with friends. Any tips?


    1. Well I’m not sure about tips for a creative weekend, but I’m thinking taking someone who makes pakoras would be a good start. Some times I dream of having a week by myself by the beach to just be too. So I’d suggest start by chatting about it with someone and see how the idea grows. Good luck ! x


    1. So many classes to take, so many domestic goddess duties to fit in. I am trying not to say so little time, I have time I just need to use it well. That class was good, I am wanting to make time to do more of some drawing ones too. Hope you get some time to crack out those paints Clare 🙂


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