One+four=life 31/5/15

image Watercolour classes give me two hours to be in one place doing one thing. Having a teacher who can suggest what to do next when otherwise I might just leave something as is and move on is such a valuable lesson.

I love the beach, I don’t know if I’ll ever live near one but walking on the beach is one of my most favourite things ever to do. ( plus hearing the ocean at night=best sleep ever!) The colours, the air, the the textures , no matter what the weather is, I feel more alive and happier when I’ve walked on the beach.

Rainbows , magical, beautiful, make me stop in my tracks and take photos while it’s raining. Collage, I took my creative bag of goodies with me this weekend and spent some time perusing and snipping and artjournaling/collaging…Fun!!!

Family, not in these photos, but with me when I took them. I treasure these moments so so much !

I hope you’ve had a great week too. Emily 🙂

p.s this post was done hastily and tipsily only iphone. Hope it’s ok 🙂 !

pps. This post is inspired by Meet me at Mikes, 1 +4 = Life idea and I am doing some sober editing lol 🙂


7 thoughts on “One+four=life 31/5/15

  1. I love the beach too. And I definitely have the best sleep when I can hear the waves crashing. My nanna and grandpa used to have a house on the esplanade in christies beach in Adelaide and I would stay with them in my school holidays. I would always sleep in the front room and go to sleep with the sounds of the ABC-probably The Bill!- playing in the lounge room, and listening to the beach across the road.
    Thanks for making me remember that. Xxx


  2. I love the beach and the music of the sea too! Rainbows – ah – super-inspiring. I MUST get my creative on this week. Thanks for sharing yours xx


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