Sense of Adventure

imageMy sense of adventure has got me to here, with a blog, posting about my latest art journal page made with prompts from  Get Messy art journaling.

This season over at Get messy  is based on adventure. In preparation, I had gathered some travel magazines and was thinking about travel. When I looked at this weeks prompts (based around our 5 senses), I felt fortunate to have a recent experience to draw on. But it wasn’t an overseas holiday or even a holiday. I found myself getting ideas about the night before, when we had gone to Melbourne for the evening (chaufeurring Teenage girls to a concert). I had felt so happy and excited walking around the streets, looking up at the lights, smelling the city smells and basically just making it up as we went along. I felt a little bit more alive, a bit energized and more enthusiastic about things generally. We talked about travel, about day trips and visits to cities and other towns, but it was only after art journaling about it that I really started to reflect on adventure and what it means to me. Then it occurred to me that apart from the five senses I have a sense of adventure:)

My sense of adventure is pretty strong, adventure excites me,it makes me feel alive.When I think about some of the highlights of my life the sense of adventure or the spirit of adventure has been with me. I think adventure is more about attitude than destination. The spontaneity, the unknown, the surprise and the experiences.

So much as I love home and routine and stability, I am acknowledging the part of me that thrives on adventure and I’m dreaming up ways to continue to have adventures. Blogging is like an adventure for me, and so is art journaling and being part of the get messy art journal community.I’ve committed to art journal weekly and share my pages for the next six weeks over on the Get messy blog and here. It seems like another opportunity for adventure and learning and I’m all for that ( I’m also feeling a bit nervous, but I think that’s part of the fun ). I’m sure there will be some awesome pages shared over on the get messy blog and I’m sure I’ll have moments of doubt about my own ability, but it all comes back to just doing it, starting out and keeping going, and of course to my sense of adventure.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.

Emily x


11 thoughts on “Sense of Adventure

  1. I love your pages Emily and your experience of ‘the city at night’. I love that experience too – when everything comes alive and familiar things take on new meaning. I also agree that adventure is an attitude and about immersing in the sensory elements of the experience. I can have an adventure at the supermarket! Kind of. As your page says: ‘Go!’ and let’s see where else the season of adventure takes us xx


  2. Isn’t art journalling a brilliant way to reflect on and process one’s thoughts about the world? Looking forward to following your arty adventures. I’m off to check out the get messy blog now… thanks for mentioning it!


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