Get Messy Thursdays :18/6

imageI’m looking at my pages tonight and feeling unsure as to whether they want to be seen, well maybe it’s that I’m unsure about showing them. It’s weird this learning about art journaling thing, some times I have moments when I am certain it is for me, other times I seriously question that. Right now is one of those times( And now that I am editing the next day I am thinking that it is for me, but not always comfortable and easy- which is exactly what adventures are like lol).

Still I took the prompts, jotted down some ideas, found myself thinking about them in the middle of the night, pottered around with paint, paper, magazines, glue and some pens and here they are. They kind of take on a life of their own and hmm, they are just different to what I imagined. That’s ok though, I’ll just keep going.

The first spread is about my biggest adventure. Actually it really is about my first big adventure and that was going to Germany as an exchange student for a year. The page represents how I set off on adventure to the other side of the world and in doing so really turned my world upside down. There are the ripple effects, the upside down world, and journaling ( with space for secret journaling under the world. Oh and the “Sprechen sie Deutch” journaling. Being an exchange student really had a huge impact on the rest of my life, I have forgotten most of my German now but I haven’t forgotten how resilient I was, am and can be.


The second spread was about what I’d never do and the only things I could come up with were staying somewhere where there are those huge bird eating spiders / tarantulas, or sailing around the world. I couldn’t find tarantula pictures and the yacht pictures were too pretty. I also thought I never seem to be able to pack light when I travel. Then I got to thinking, Never say Never. So maybe I don’t know that I would never do those things, or even go on a skiing holiday, sky dive or bungee jump but there are so many places I’d rather go and things I’d rather do I don’t think it will be an issue 🙂

So there you have it, this weeks attempt at expressing myself via an art journal. This has got to be great for my brain, it seriously is like learning another language.

Thanks for reading/seeing,

Emily x

p.s If you want to see what the other get messy peeps have created head over here.


7 thoughts on “Get Messy Thursdays :18/6

  1. I love your hot air balloon and the upside down writing – so clever. That kind of adventure really does turn your world upside down, doesn’t it? (and esp for you with it being so far away from Aus) And I think I’d have to agree re the never being able to pack light and I don’t even want to think about any kind of spider!! I found this week particularly had me digging deep too. If I hadn’t committed to posting every week, I might have not done it though and I’m glad that I did xx


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