Go find your mountain

image I love blogging. but the words don’t always come easy. I realise I’ve been mainly blogging about art journaling lately because it’s my new thing, but also because I’ve committed to share weekly on a Thursday and if I hadn’t maybe then I wouldn’t have written anything at all. So this weeks post is a combination post about life right now and art journaling too.

My first spread started with a prompt from get messy art journaling, add in a travel brochure (about where we hope to adventure to hopefully this year),then some time on my day off. I felt excited doing this page, it really suits me to tear and glue and with a brochure I found I had no hesitancy like I do with old magazines or books, so it was rip rip rip glue glue ( all the time thinking about being on an adventure/holiday). Then I left it for a few days. This morning when I got up it all looked very different because yesterday Miss S. found out she has been short listed for a scholarship to go on exchange to Germany for 2 months! If she gets it ( which who knows will happen or not) we won’t be going to Thailand this year and if we don’t go this year, will we go next year?, maybe not. Does that mean we have had our last big family holiday and not realized it? Anyway that prompted the journaling “Maybe”, throw in some doodling and I’m calling it done. image The next page is a combination of a great quote by Dr. Seuss “Your mountain is waiting so get on your way”. Miss S. is heading off to Papua New Guinea tonight and I am feeling like it is her time to start and go explore/adventure the world (oh and finish VCE lol). Anyhow then I found the image and then I stuck it on some pages I’d already layered inspired by the book The Journal Junkies Workshop by Eric M. Scott and David R. Modler ( Thank you library). Then this morning, feeling all the feelings about Miss S. going I wrote a poem. It was actually a prompt by the way, I am not a poem writer, but hey trying new things, being brave, being non habitual, stretching my brain I’m all for that! So soppy poem in silver sharpie, some love hearts for good measure and I’m calling this done too. Oh and I used her fully packed hiking pack as the background before it went in the car, creative right?image The last pages are self explanatory. I was so fortunate to travel to Kyoto with my mum 2 years ago (THANKS MUM xx). We had an amazing and wonderful time together, and I had some beautiful time by myself wandering and wondering. So these pages. Then the little doll which was my Nanna’s held the page down for me.

Thanks again for reading or looking and thanks to the Get Messy team and group, because I don’t think I would be so happy on this art journal journey with out you.

Emily x

p.s and a quick warm up page in my mini art journal/visual diary #stationeryaddict



10 thoughts on “Go find your mountain

  1. Oh your poem made me all misty eyed! We are at the same stage, watching our beautiful kids all grown up and ready to fly into the world. So exciting for them but it tugs at the heartstrings to remember their little hands in yours…. Lovely to have your journaling to record all these emotions and memories xx


  2. Oh wow Emily your pages are amazing! It’s wonderful when your ‘children’ are ready for the next stage of their education & travelling teaches them so much. I would love to go to Japan you’ve captured it all so beautifully….clever you!


  3. Aw, that poem made me very teary and reminded me of a note my own mother placed in my backpack when I first went adventuring solo into the world. I imagine I will be a proud and teary mess by the time my boys get that far. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


  4. How exciting about the scholarship and of course you must be having all sorts of mixed feelings about your kids fleeing the nest. Sounds like ‘adventure’ is the perfect season for you just now. That Dr Seuss quote is also very poignant/apt.

    Meanwhile the poem is so sweet and your pages are fab – my fav is the Kyoto spread.

    I too have only been managing to blog my art journal pages in the last few weeks (on Dainty Dora), but I think that’s OK. It feels good to get these thoughts and feelings out doesn’t it? And then you can look back on them and transport again to this time – yet another adventure waiting to happen! xx


  5. Absolutely love the idea of an art journal – Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo did this, complete with lipstick kisses on the page. I was lucky enough to see Australian artist, Donald Horne’s visual diaries at the Cairns Art Gallery – they were exquisite


    1. Oh no, I thought I’d replied to this. Sorry hipserette! I must admit seeing other people visual journals interest me at the moment as I’m learning how to make my own. I hope you have a try, it’s really enjoyable.


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