10 things on my bucket list : Get Messy Adventure (5)

I feel Happy when I look at these pages!

Until this week I didn’t have a bucket list. I started thinking about writing one because it’s one of the prompts for the Get Messy art journal challenge that I’m part of. I don’t think I can know all the things I’ll want to do,before I kick the bucket because I’m changing all the time.  So I thought I’d start with  just 10, 10 things I’d really like to do as at today.

Will I or won’t I write on this page???

1. Have an overseas holiday with us as a family before the girls leave home.

2. Travel up the east coast of Australia with a caravan with my Mr. (after they leave home).

3. Have four weeks off work, in a row.

4.Try practicing Feldenkrais again

5. Visit the Greek Islands

6. Live somewhere else, with a view

7. Learn to make sourdough bread

8. Start meditating

9. Finish my granny square crochet blanket

10. Go camping again.
And then once I had written 10 things I wasn’t ready to stop so I wrote a few more:

Spend a weekend in Melbourne doing Melbourne things with the girls.

Watch the last few episodes of Six feet under, in a row

Get fit

Go through all our cupboards and minimize what we have

Have a week off to tidy up the house

Finish all my WIP quilts

Do the Great Ocean walk

Go on a health retreat

Make some more lemon butter ( this week)

Spruce up my blog

Rewrite my about me on this blog.

And suddenly it was morphing into a to do list.

Ok so now, I feel like it’s time to stop dreaming of all these things. I’m feeling unsettled. Time to actually do my art journaling for this week, or at least start. How about you, do you have a bucket list ?

This weeks prompts from get messy had me making a mess with shaving cream, doing some abstract painting and using printable words. As you can see I had some fun. I do take on too much though and was feeling a bit ragged when I did this last spread.

It’s school holidays here, once term goes back I’ll be tidying up this little blog, and celebrating it’s first birthday. But for now I really just need to slow things down, spend some time with my girls and stay on top of my IRL stuff (oh and art journal/draw/crochet ha ha ha). See you soon lovelies xx

A holiday would be nice 🙂

8 thoughts on “10 things on my bucket list : Get Messy Adventure (5)

  1. Good list, I like the sound of lemon butter and I also need to finish my crochet blanket at some point in my future!
    I fancy the Great Ocean walk and I am desperate to have a go at sourdough bread. Maybe this weekend, I will get started on the starter.


  2. Great list and some I relate to! Sourdough I’ve attempted but really need to have another crack. Crocheting more squares – yes, and getting fit an minimalising stuff are both on my list too! This post is great inspiration to get cracking….


    1. Oh thats good Pia, i actually haven’t done anything of the list yet! Nearly the weekend though , so bound to do at least one of the things:)


  3. Ooh a caravanning trip would be lovely. And I also want to minimise/declutter. It’s an ongoing project. And kinda on my to-do list too.

    I hear you about being a bit rushed and ragged doing last week’s pages – I was the same and this week will be similar – I’m painting 2 whole rooms and got a floor to sand. BUT, I’m still so glad I committed to posting something each week, otherwise my to-do list responsibilities would have got ALL my time instead of just most of it. Lol! Yay to squeezing in creativity 🙂


    1. Sanding and painting, such hard work but no doubt the results will be worth it. Absolutely YAY for squeezing in creativity, even if we need a deadline to do it lol 🙂 Will pop over now and see what you’ve been up to .


    1. Thanks Cassandra , I like the girl too ( I’ve gone off my bucket list page a bit now but that happens sometimes hey ?) sorry I missed your comments somehow 😦


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